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Barefoot Training Blog

I’ve been lurking on T-Nation for about 3 years now, and have posted (I think) once. I’m posting now because a training buddy and I have started a blog about training barefoot. It’s a mixture of our experiences training barefoot/in minimalist shoes, and the science/logic behind training barefoot.

I hope this doesn’t appear trollish because of my lack of a post count, but I thought this community might be interested in what we have to say. It’s called Barefoot Concepts, and can be found at www.barefootconcepts.com.

you say you’ve been lurking here for 3 years, and yet you joined in 09?

Anyways, I enjoy training whenever possible. However, when I go to the gym I wear my vibram five fingers.

I used to train barefoot all the time until the gym go to made me stop.

I usually squat/deadlift in my socks. I dont care what my gym thinks.

I train barefoot, seems easier.