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Barebones Training To Get Jacked

If you all had just a single barebell (with plenty of weights), rack (with pullup bar), flat bench, and a dip station, are there any particular programs that you would run if the goal was simply to be jacked and feel good? No plans to compete or anything.

No dumbbells or machines or anything. Basically just curious what you guys would recommend as a well structured “barebones” training program for those goals.

Jon Andersen’s Deep Water Program. I’d hold onto plates to substitute dumbbells, and just do the planks and sit ups without the hyperextension.

Or 5/3/1 BBB Beefcake or 5/3/1 Building the Monolith.

Edit: HOW did I forget Super Squats? Do that.


In these times of equipment scarcity, this is like saying I only have 1 mil in my account lol. You should be able to make most programs work with slight substitution (BB lunge instead of DB lunge for example).

@T3hPwnisher likely has good recommendations, but probably don’t do deep water unless you are already working out damn hard.


Eh, if a fat high school freshman can manage, there is hope for us all. I wish I found it at the beginning.

Haha yeah I know what you mean. I ordered it all months ago and it’s finally arriving. Feels like Christmas!


5/3/1 is definitely the program I know the best and am most familiar with.getting “jacked” has never really been the primary goal like it is now though, so I wasn’t sure if it would be the best fit for that pursuit.

Having a tough time picturing using the plates and dumbbells, do you mean just holding the plate with fingers through the center hole?

Those 2 5/3/1 programs are oriented specifically for gaining size.

Hold the plates anyway you see fit to do the dumbbell movements in the program.

If you are handy at all, you could make fat grip DBs with a trip to the construction store, about 30 minutes and a sum of 10s of dollars (under 50 if you just want two DBs).

The guy in the video used to post here quite a lot.


As someone that enjoys bodybuilding programs, I still think getting jacked boils down to 2 major things:

  1. Volume
  2. Diet

So you should be good in what you’ve got!

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Bench/squat/weighted chins

Front squat/OHP/weighted chins

Cycle those 2 clusters for a year and you’ll be fucking jacked into next year. No question

No dips? Didn’t he say he had dip bars?

Seriously, This is what I trained with even when I had access to DBs and machines :joy:

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Just because my car has cruise control doesn’t mean that I have to use it :relaxed:

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You think bench and OHP is enough to build solid triceps? What numbers on those exercises would be sufficient for good tricep development?

You will never be satisfied with your triceps and neither will I with mine. Biceps too for that matter.


I’m currently in the middle of the 1,000 rep arm workout. Somewhere around the 5-600 rep mark now. These 2-3minuye breaks between sets takes for ever :joy:

Definitely can build some decent triceps with frequent benching.

Numbers? As long as bar speed is slowing down unintentionally then your likely to see some gainage

Didn’t it take Rich Piana like 8 hrs to do it?

I’ve been consistent in working arms at the end of workouts 4 times a week. Still noodle like lol.

I think the key for me is leanness. I don’t have the worst, but certainly not the best genetics for fat storage. Lots right in the stomach. My arms and legs are vascular, but I barely have abs. I think getting the stomach smaller will make the arms look bigger, and I don’t think at this point I’ll lose much off of the arms (as they are already lean).

I don’t see how it could take that long, but it ain’t quick!

Yea I’m the same way. Quad, calf, knee, shin, and ankle vascularity on the reg, torso is fat as fuck, arms and fairly lean with fat between the muscles so zero definition.

I know when o get lean it will look better, but they’ll still be small. Hopefully it still won’t look weird when I’m lean :joy:

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Anthony Ditillo Leg and Back Bulking Routine

Monday –

(A) Full Squat

(B) Bent Legged Deadlift

© Bent Over Row

Tuesday –

(A) Bench Press

(B) Seated Press

© Seated Curl

Wednesday –

Complete rest

Thursday –

(A) Half Squat

(B) High Deadlift

© Shrug

Friday –

Repeat Tuesday

Saturday and Sunday –

Complete rest