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Barclay's Premier League

World Cup thread made me realize how many football fans there are on this board.

Does anyone here watch? It’s the only foreign league I can tune into on a regular basis and starts one month from today so I’m pretty pumped. Gunners all the way!.. or not. I think it will be Chelsea again this year.

Also, I always do a premierleague.com fantasy team so I set up a league if others are interested.

League name: T Muscle
code: 77453-34700

Cool, I already have a team on there, so I’ll def join the league.

Went to 8 chelsea matches last year, 2 away days, I went to all the games they scored 7 goals except the final game against wigan. So I watch like every game.

If you want to watch any game pretty much globally, I use:

myp2p.eu (also watch all the boxing u normally have to pay for etc.)



Thats how I watch every game.