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Thanks a lot, dickhole.


The worst thing is that Messi scored a header.

Maybe the Man U defenders thought that he would need a ladder to touch the fuckin' ball...
Oh, well.






meh, it aint a great sport.


Yeah man, I saw it, sucks being a utd supporter n all.


Man Utd were playing well till Eto scored on the counter attack. Seemed as if they gave up after. How could Messi, the shortest guy on the pitch, have the chance to put in 2 headers? (Only one he scored yeah).

Anyway, Messi is the best player in the world right now and Barcelona deserved the win.

Shame Arsenal wasn't there.


wow! really...? thank you for keeping us informed


ManU and Ronaldo really came out of the gate fast. In the first 5 or 6 minutes Ronaldo had come fairly close and the shots taken differential was around 5-0.

But after Eto's counter attack goal, it seemed like it took all the wind out of ManU's sails.

And worse (or better depending on your preference) Ronaldo seemed to revert to his immature self; looking for calls and becoming visually frustrated, lashing out, etc.

Congrats to Barca. A well deserved win and championship.


i walked by a random sports bar in the North End today that said "Man U vs Barcelona" and i thought, who the fuck watches this shit?

question answered.


So true. I guess the same arguement could be made about baseball. Who the fuck watches baseball?


not me. boring sport. i used to play it, although doing something and watching something be done are entirely different.


Was glad tbh. Barcelona outplayed them for 90% of the game. Puyol getting shit done as usual.

Yea, the scum could use a trophy sooner or later.


Well, some guys play with their balls, others have 'em...


Hockey players?


Puyol was deff. the player of the game, he got shit done, espcially considering that he had to deal with Ronaldo's bitchness, was it just me or did Ronaldo tried to elbow Puyol every 2 seconds? It was a bit rediculous.


I see you're from England. I'm sorry that you guys lost, better luck next time?

...lol nah


if North End is in the US maybe only a few watch ... but if you look south from your border to the southpole and europe & asia - almost everybody talks about it ... and some even stay up whole night to watch it ... e.g in Singapore or Indonesia it aired at about 1 am to 3 am.



But im kinda glad that fag-ass Ronaldo didn't winn