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Barbie Bashing


Kind of interesting read, I actually remember shaving the heads of my sister's barbies and ripping the limbs off to use as projectile weapons in my adolescent wars of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs GI Joe. (In case anyone is interested, the GI's always got their arse's kicked. The Turtles were twice the size, shredded, and they were fucking Ninjas!!)

The "it's ok to be fat(and ugly)" overtones in the article are rather obvious.



I used to put my sister's in large glasses of water, freeze them, and then put them back right before she would play with them. There is nothing funnier than watching a kid sister cry over what the hell happened to her Barbies.

Also, magnifying glasses in summer time can burn plastic almost as good as leaves and ants.


Actually I remember using a magnifying glass this way to put scars on my He-Man figures. I just thought it made them look tougher.