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Barbells, Dogs, and T-Nation

let me start off by saying i’ve had a hell of couple weeks coming back from school to cape cod for the summer. As every other college student, i’ve been making plans about what I want to do, where to work, where to party, what to do with the whole love life, etc, etc.

I’ve worked out all of my possible options in all scenarios, and I’ve found these three things to be the only true constants in my life thus far. Places of work change, people change, friends will lie to you, girls will cheat on you and life steals a little something from you every day.

Now before I sound too cynical, let me say that there are plenty of beacons of hope around. I recently added Henry rollins’ quote “200 pounds is always 200 pounds” to my profile on facebook (kinda like myspace for colleges/high schools) and i’ve gotten nothing but flak for it. been called a meathead, dumb jock, moron and so forth.

All this got me to thinking, what are the only things that are truly constant in life? what will always be there no matter what? I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, 200 pounds will always be 200 pounds, a dog’s companionship and loyalty to it’s owner will always remain, and T-Nation’s members and authors will always give you the straight deal (trolls included).

My question is this, what do the rest of you believe to be your constants? what keeps the rest of you going when it seems all hell as broken lose?

Music and cigars.

No matter how bad shit gets, be it job, woman, friends, life in general, etc., there’s a song somewhere that can help me get through it. Music is, in my opinion, extremely cathartic, and I’ve always had a soundtrack to my life that takes me back.

Cigars let me get a moment to myself. I used to think of lifting the same way you do, until I got hurt a couple times and had to take extended periods off. It was in those times that I found sitting on my deck, cigar and hand and the sound of the ocean in the background to be the world’s greatest cure for whatever ails ya.

I can thank Bob Dylan and the Partagas cigar company for keeping me sane the past few years.

God and my family (mom/brother) are constants in my life.

I’d have to say the iron.

If I have a shitty day and go and vent my anger and frustrations into my session the iron responds well to it and listens.

It always has and always will. Training techniques might change, and the weight I use will change, but the main principle is the iron will always be there wheather I want to accept it or not.