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Barbells and Rust


My facility gets hot and humid. What is the best rust resistant finish for barbells outside of stainless steel?


The best preventive will be chrome or zink coating followed by black oxide. For now, you can spray a rag with WD40 and wipe the bar down.


It will still rust , it it rains a lot. I tried that with my zinc finished bar and it rusted.


It’s generally fairly humid and rainy here too in the PNW, and my gym is in a storage unit garage. My chrome bar and dumbbell handles haven’t rusted at all, but my black oxide bar has some surface rust. My enameled iron plates also have some surface rust.

I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a good chromed bar (mine certainly isn’t), but that may be the way to go.


rust just gives it character and makes it easier to grip lol


If you can get it, Snap On synthetic lubricant is awesome. I use it on my barbells, guns and just about everything else.