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Barbell Workouts for Busy People for Powerlifting?

I came across an article you wrote almost 2 years ago title barbell workouts for busy people. I see it has the deadlift and bench press in it already, but if I wanted to make it more powerlifting focused can I just swap out the row or military press for the squat & just do say BP & SQ 1 day, DL & MP/row next day and just alternate back & forth 3-6 days/wk or in your experience would that just quickly lead to burnout? Anyone’s experience if it’s ever been tried would be greatly appreciated especially for an intermediate/advanced lifter

How busy are you? I’d add squats in some form to each day.

Like light on days I do the deadlift & the set rep scheme he has written the next day?

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If you want to powerlift find a powerlifting program.

5/3/1 is not a powerlifting program, but a general strength program, and tends to works well for those short on time.

CT’s program seems better suited for those simply looking for maintain some level of strength but not geared towards competing in a powerlifting meet.