Barbell Squat Form

Would appreciate some feedback on my squat form. Been hearing a lot of different things like “knees are too far in” or “not low enough” etc, but I just want to get it right.



It’s usually easier to upload to youtube and paste the link here.

Looks pretty good to me :wink:

- YouTube … hahah my bad… i thought i uploaded it along with the post

Your Squat looks fine to me for the most part. I strongly recommend getting in some Chucks to Squat in or atleast some other flat soled shoe in order to help with the ankles rolling in. Itll also allow you to spread through the ground and use your post chain better. You need to focus on keeping your knees pushed out hard and I would recommend turning your toes out slightly if they are not already cant tell here.

Your knees are moving forward quite a bit however it does not seem to be to excessive and you seem to have a high med bar placement so its going to happen alittle bit. You need to be doing some front Squats and heavy Hamstring and Glute work to help with that good morning motion when you start to fatigue.

Also hammer your core with planks and ab wheels. Other than that your form is miles ahead of many people in the beginner section.

Oh and I would stop dropping so low that you hit the safety catches on the rack when you get real heavy and one side hits first it cause you to rock and lose balance. If your just really short and that is the only way you can possibly hit depth so be it.

Grip the bar more tightly with your hands. Something i got told to do on this forum and it definitely helps for overall upper back tightness. Also yeah work on that depth, from what I can tell each person has a slightly different stance so probably experiment with that a little until you find one thats comfortable and allows you to hit depth. Overall not the worst form in the world, and everything that reed said is good.