Barbell Shrug Technique

Hi All,

I think I’m doing something wrong… Tried doing some barbell shrugs (have only been doing dumbbell shrugs so far) and when I was pulling the bar, my junk is getting in the way.

Doesnt matter if the bar is infront or back, I’m gunna hit something on the way up lol

I was wondering if I’m not doing this properly?
However when I lean slightly forward it feels like its turning into a row lol

…Back to dumbbell shrugs for now

use a smith and postion ur body so the bar clears?

Wear compression shorts

Lol, when your shit is heavy enough where gravity pulls it down, all you have to do is widen your stance a little and this problem goes away…

But my hands don’t hang down to my knees so the bar is above my junk, I’m just speculating.

Duct tape.

Tuck method.


Foam Roll

Goodbye horses.

trap bar.

[quote]matko5 wrote:
Goodbye horses.[/quote]

Post win.

trap bar, smith machine, rear bb shrugs, db shrugs.

and yes you are doing it right.