Barbell Rows

Using an underhand grip may involve some bicep, but you get a much better lat contraction. An overhand grip brings too much rear delt into it. As far as injury goes, as long as you warm up sufficently there should be no problem. I’ve worked up to 315lbs. with good form without problems. I focus on leading the movement with my elbows rather than pulling with my arms. I visualize somebody behind me that I don’t like, driving my elbows back into their face.

Sig and Gmm, you’ve convinced me! Never having performed this rowing movement with the underhand grip, always being frankly afraid to, I’ll give it a spin beginning this Friday. I like the concept of leading with the elbows; makes sense to me. Thanks for the civilized contradictory responses; that’s a welcome breath of fresh air.

When you do this exercise, technique is everything to prevent injury. Underhand is an excellent choice, but be sure to do it with your shoulder blades pulled back and hold them there during the movement. This will help to develop scapular retractors, and prevent future back injuries…