barbell rows

I know that barbell rows are very good for the back, but can T-bar rows be substituted for barbell rows sometimes and still give the same results?

Yes. This will not be a problem. I would suggest varying your horizontal rowing when you can.

yes and they should be. some believe that by being able to support yourself, such as on a t-bar, it is actually better. you tend to be able to focus better on your back and the squeeze.

Dubs has a point, i have used both and continue to do so but with the T-bar i like the extra focus i can get, i would suggest using both alernatively.

It won’t be detrimental to ur goals at all.

Also try doing Renegade Rows with 2 dumbbells. get into a pushup positon with two dumbbells and while pressing one dumbbell into the floor as hard as possible, pull the other one to your lat. Then switch arms. Great exercise that I learned from Coach Davies.

Mike Mahler

thanks for the advice, Mike I will try the renegade rows one day.

just do both

Are we talking supported T-Bar rows where your chest is supported? I personally don’t like this machine. T-Bar rows are a favourite of mine, but I prefer the one where you stand on the platform.

Your best bet, as already mentioned is to alternate your horizontal rowing movements and grips.