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Barbell Rows for 531 Main Lift


I recall a while back you used barbel rows for 531 instead of pressing because of your shoulder. I have a pretty messed up shoulder right now and heavy pressing is not gonna happen for a while.

I was wondering if the regular approach to 531 worked with the barbell rows or if you found you needed to change anything up.
Thanks for all you do man,


It was ok - bent rows end up being Hump the Bar Rows when used as a “main movement”. Best to use a low TM and use 8’s or 10’s PRO. And then do Power Cleans as a main movement.

In other words, you can’t progress too slow because your form on the BO Row becomes an issue. I’m sure others believe that the BO Row is a main movement but to me, it’s a main exercise. if it were so great, they’d use it in the Olympics or PL meets.

But they don’t. And there is a reason why.

If your shoulder is messed up, get it fixed. As said many, many times before, living with a 100% fixable injury is a way to fuck up your life.


Jim (or anyone else),
I keep seeing you mention the 3s, 8s, and 10s progression. I have all 4 5/3/1 books but can’t figure out where you discuss these progressions? I see the 5s prog in the new book. Where can I find info on the others? Thanks.


They are the same idea as the 5’s PRO - just change the numbers.


Each up or down 5% respectively?


Nope - you fuck with the TM to get the numbers you need. I’m not sure I understand your question - just do 8’s or 10’s instead of 5’s. Nothing changes except the TM.