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Barbell Rollout Technique/Form Check


I guess this belongs to the bodybuilding forum but correct me if I'm wrong. So I decided to do ab wheel rollouts as an ab exercise and found out the gym doesn't have a wheel. I browsed the internet and came across two substitutes: The double dumbbell rollout and the barbell rollout. The latter seemed to be much more practical and I did it today.

Unfortunately though, as I was doing it, I felt almost nothing in my abs while my triceps were on fire, my rear delts were toasted and even my frikkin' neck hurt. I used the two 20 kg plates (and the two 5kg plates I used with the rows) on a barbell and that might just've been too high a leverage. So here's a video of me doing them: Correct me on what's wrong, thank you (otherwise fuck you).


Quit doing roll-outs. They suck and you arent doing it right anyway. Oh and fuck you. Amidoingitright?


Yes...you are doing them incorrectly.
Roll-outs are an great ab exercise, very challanging.
There are many vid-clips on youtube.......here is a pretty good one.


Now those look a lot harder than what I did. So I should use smaller plates, 5 lbs seems ideal, and I should lower myself until my arms are parallel with the floor. Is that so?


OP, notice the difference between your form and the form in the video Lak posted: the guy actually extended his knees so that at the "bottom" of the movement he was almost flat on the ground.

On the other hand, you keep your knees flexed at a 90 degree angle the whole time.