Barbell Purchase in the UK

Slowly looking at assembling a garage gym and have got lost in the rabbit hole of barbells. I want something that will last, so I don’t mind paying a little extra, but budget is currently £200. Not in any hurry, so happy to save another month or so. This seems like it will do the job as a budget bar:

But they do the Bastard Bar at about £220 (off the top of my head), anyone have any experience with it?

Mirafit come in at £180 for their entry bar.

I like the look of Primal Strength and they have a sale on until midnight tonight, but my understanding is they are all for Olympic lifts and I don’t want a bar trying to spin when I’m benching …

I’ve not found anything suitable second hand because I’m not fitting a 7ft barbell in my car and nobody in their right mind will package and post.

I’ll be using it for the “big four” lifts and to clean and press until I fund a rack. Flooring is my next quandary but that’s a boring topic!

TLDR I’m shopping for a barbell budget £200 but will stretch if it’s worth paying the extra. Any recommendations?

Can’t comment on the options you’ve suggested, but I got the Strength Shop 2028 bar a few years back and it’s done me well in that time - no complaints with it.

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Worth noting, thanks.

Where are you based?

Cumbria… yet to purchase bar, but set on the Strength Shop one unless you have any other suggestions to consider?


I have one I don’t use much but am in London. Only 5 hours away :laughing:

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Do you not know anyone with a van or car that will fit a 7ft barbell? There are so many second hand ones that will do the job for you on places like the Facebook Marketplace. With the money you save you could chuck the driver 20quid, or buy them a McDonalds or something. :man_shrugging:

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Incidentally, the father in law is picking up a van so yes, I’ll definitely be taking advantage if and when something comes up.

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