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barbell press

What rep/set scheme should I shoot for if I want to increase my overhead press?
I want to increase my poundage on this, because I am hoping that it will lead to a better log press. Right now I do a heavy day and a speed day on for push presses/jerks, and use the shoulder press for an assistance movement.
Thanks in advance

My shoulders had been lagging big-time behing my other lifts, and I was scared to death of presses because I had done some damage years ago on behind-the-neck presses when I was younger and dumber. I finally faced my fears, and started with sets of 5 (4x5) and now do either 5x5 (heavy) or or 3x10 (speed) depending on my workout. It’s made a difference, and improved some other lifts. I stuck with 5x5 for about 4 weeks before I added speed sets to the training. Obviously, I don’t touch behind the neck presses anymore, as my shoulders just don’t like that movement.

Peace, out!