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Barbell Press OR DB Press

should i be doing barbell presses or db. presses>M<>>??? im 53 yrs. old trying to stay fit/strong. just lost 100 lbs this year. thank you all.

Which ever feels better


Why not both?


Both can be used for all purposes, but I think your current condition and your goals can push you in the direction of one more than the other.

If you have any joint issues, I would definitely say dumbbells, as they allow for a more natural ROM.

Also, and some people may disagree with me here, but I’ve always felt like dumbbell presses were better for hypertrophy and barbell presses were better for strength. Both can be used for both purposes, but that’s just how it’s worked out for me.

If you’re just starting from scratch here, listen to @chickenlittle and do both. Once you HAVE started, listen to @bulldog9899 and pay attention to your body. You should know the difference between muscle soreness and injury.


Yeah On this subject were pretty much on the same page.

I generally use barbells, but for certain exercises barbells hurt and dumbbells don’t so that is why I use them now. However when I was training athletes, I used dumbbells for specialised strength, based on the particular sports, for shot putters, heavy low rep barbell bench press and military press for general strength, and incline dumbbell press for specific strength. Now for me, I pick lifts that simply don’t hurt. Good Luck!

I like both

I’m like Leo in that I also pick movements that don’t hurt. That means I only press DBs. I gave up trying to press barbells a long time ago.

I alternate between the two, not only on bench but shoulder press as well. If I had to pick though I prefer DB press. Its easier on your shoulders but also targets your chest more than Barbell bench. That’s my 2 cents.

I like to use DBs for press and bench for convenience when doing circuits or supersets with deadlifts and squats. But currently using barbell only on both (focusing on strength mostly).

To me… and this is just me… dumbbell movements almost always work and feel better if there’s any immediate concern of a joint being compromised. The weights are lighter and you’re getting independent ROM which helps hit stabilizers. That being said, I still love barbell work and it makes up much more of my training. I just know if my shoulder starts flaring up, I can usually go down to dumbbells and still get quality training in.

Dumbbell benches don’t require a spotter. I also think they feel better.

Go for what doesn’t hurt, life is too short…

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