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Barbell-Only Workout?

Hi, any suqestions what to do with olympic barbell and 145kg in plates dont have squat rack or bench only barbell and plates. Curently doing Floor press, Barbell Press, Deadlift, Power Clean . Tell me what you would ad.

You could do complexes, like 6 deadlifts, 6 barbell rows, 6 power cleans, 6 front squats, 6 overhead presses, 6 back squats, 6 good mornings all without dropping the barbell. You could do upright rows, barbell curls, skull crushes, shrugs, snatches, squats, and if you have a corner to prop one end of the barbell in, t bar rows, meadows rows, landmine presses, landmine squats, or any one of those exercises superset with any bodyweight exercise you can think of.

Long story short, you can achieve a pretty high level of fitness with 320 pounds of weight and a 45 lb barbell.


Clean and press


You can do some rows, and a ton of landmine style exercises. I’m in a similar spot as you currently except I have squat stands. I’ll wrap an old t-shirt around one end of the bar, push it into the curb or in the corner, and do all types of shit: one leg RDLs, one arm rows, landmine presses, lat raises, bent raises, goblet style squatting, etc. Just get creative.


What everyone else said. With that type of equipment, you are in a better place than many other folks.

I have built up a home gym over the years and you can augment it by purchasing stuff like bands, chin bars, suspension trainers.

I’m lucky as there is a private car park area outside my back door so I can also do stuff like using my homemade tyre sled for drags, tug of war, etc. I can also do farmers walks, etc, using KBs, my trap bar, or even the tyres (I have two) with weights inside them.


I’ve made a few change that are working for me, thst might help.
I do 531 front squart and then a widow maker back squat set. You don’t have to do the 531 system but as a principal it works. 1 working set front squat. Then a big set of back squats. Even if you can only get 40% of your 1rm on your back, do 25+ reps.
After the lunges and Romanian Deal lifts. Pretty solid leg day.

As for upper body, just ohp and press ups, floor press. Pull ups bent over rows, one arms rows.

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If there’s no rack or stand, these might get dicey. Depends on the quality of your weights and the surface you’re lifting on.


My thought process is if he is cleaning, there is suitable space and equipment. And if he’s cleaning and pressing it, to back squat then it’s not going to be too heavy. So ditching it should not be too much I’d an issue. But I get your point.

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I used to workout with old iron plates on concrete (I guess I still do now the zombie apocalypse is upon us). So Front Squats are fine because you can lower the weight under (some) control, even when knackered. Back squats I would have had to either drop off my back or BtN press back over my head. Neither are ideal, so I basically just cut them out. In the same situation, I’d do exactly the same again.

As always though, your mileage may vary. Just because I wouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean you couldn’t or shouldn’t.


Just do front squats with a long pause - whatever you can clean will be enough to make you sad.

Or lunges first and then front squats.

Anyway, all good ideas here. You can do pretty much anything with that set-up; I’m in a very similar spot, so I understand the questions, but just start working and it will work itself out. I’d recommend doing a push-pull-leg for now, because that gives you the freedom to just start figuring out what movements you can do in a given plane, smoke yourself without much thought given to recovery, and do the same for something else tomorrow.


I like the idea of using a Landmine setup to get the neutral grip and single arm action you could miss out on with just the barbell/overhand grip.

Squatting Zerchers style, holding the barbell in your elbows, seems dumb but it works pretty well.

Also barbell curls, don’t forget about the guns. You can do front delts with plate raises with one big plate. Or side raises with two small plates.


Zercher squats are awesome give them a try

If I had given a try before this I’d be farther than I am now


Get Dan John’s ebook “From the Ground Up” (its free!) -full of barbell only routines and training gold in general. Southwood article on Tnation also worth a read


Thanks for replyes, Will start today with pull workout!

Gold! Thanks man!

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Since the UK lockdown started, I started on Dan John’s 40 day workout. It’s simple, I can train often which is good for boredom and you can adjust it for your own kit. Tbh it’s not exactly true to the programme as if it rains I do a Kettlebell variation inside.

Warm up of mobility work, BPAs, Kettlebell squats and press ups.
Main work: 2x5 ohp, power clean and chins. 1 set of ab roll outs and kB swings.

All done in 25 mins. As you work to how you feel I can tone it down if tired.


I only have a barbell as well. Here is my routine:

Monday: Staggered-stance RDL, Rows, BB facepulls, Fat gripz curls

Tuesday: Front squat, Floor press, Front raises, Wall triceps extensions

Wednesday: Good mornings, Meadows row, Pullover using plates, Reverse grip curls

Thursday: Rear foot elevated split squat, Military press, Push-ups, Skullcrusher

Friday: One leg hip thrusts (will certainly change that one though), One arm landmine row, Haney shrugs, Concentration curls + curls

Saturday: Lunges, BTN press + military press + push press, Push-ups, French press

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