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Barbell Knurling Problem


I finally finished my home gym and had my 1st bench workout when I noticed that the knurling on my texas power bar was already scratched up from adjusting the bar on the j-hooks between sets. there was alot of friction between the bar and hooks, and the the bar did not want to move left or right something I never experienced in a commercial gym.

Is this something common w/ the TPB due to its heavy knurl? or is there something I can do to prevent further scratching? At this rate, the portion of the bar which lays on the hooks will be completely scratched up in no time. BTW this is a Capps bar, not some cheaper imitation. the power rack is the ny barbell wide base power rack.


yeah, that is why a lot of olympic lifters won't use the good bars on the squat racks. if you rotate the bar a bit in your squat set-up the knurling wears down over time.

i think ripptoe had something on coating the j-hooks with something... i think it might have been gluing plastic sheeting on them. maybe duct tape would work.


I lined my J-Hooks with industrial carpet. I have to use a nylon brush to get all of the carpet out once a month or so as it tears it up, but I'd prefer to replace the carpet now and then that have the knurl worn down.


Most people don't ever grab the super outside part of the bar so if the knurling wears down there it is not a big deal. Of course if you do use that bar of the bar then you might try one of the solutions posted above


true. matters for snatches, but can't really think what else.