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Barbell Hip Thrusts



Barbell hip thrusts - I want to include them but I am not sure where or how. I do not think I can realistically include them in my current 3 day TB routine but I am debating doing the 20 rep squat routine next when I finish this one, most likely at the start of January.

Alternatively I could go to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday and do them then with some core and calf work and do some overhead shrugs but then I am worried I may not give myself enough time to recover for my M-W-F sessions.

Any ideas?


I simply use barbell or otherwise weighed hip thrusts just as hamstring exercises. If done right, you’re going to have a sore ass and hamstrings so plan accordingly.


I do standing hip thrusts where you stand with bar as if you’d completed a dead lift, then use your hip motion to thrust it in an arc up to your chest and rest it there on top of your pecs. I do it on my dead lift day. Since the quick motion means a light weight, I don’t think it will interfere with anything.


Excuse my ignorance but is this not just a powerclean?


If you lift it off the ground for every rep it is, but in this case I’m only picking it up from the ground on the first rep and then the rest of the reps am just moving it from the hanging position to my pecs.


Like a hang clean?



No! It’s a standing barbell hip thrust!


Isn’t that just a hanging clean then??


Yeah, exactly what I have just written!!!


Just add them one day a week. (Not necessary at all for a beginner btw)


It would be if I bent my knees at the end of the motion. I just looked at a video and that’s the only difference I saw.