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Barbell Hack Squats


i've just started barbell hack squats and am wondering if i got the technique correct.
I start the lift from the ground, my problem comes as i get past parrel cause the bar gets stuck under me (on my hammy's and butt) i then have to push my knees way over my toes while also pushing my back and pelvis forward so as i can complete the movement
This only occurs when i'm using heavy wieght about 5-10 rep wieght where i cant push the bar back with my arms.
I am wondering if i'm ment to b doing this, cause especially when i'm trying to lift as fast as possible it feels really unco.
Is this normal and just part of learning the movement?
Also is doing this alright for the knees cuase after finishing my sets for the hack squats my knees had slight irratation. THere wasnt a lot of pain but i could feel that it was wierd and felt like i needed to get in a massage it. about 24 hours on it is back to normal, i only feel a little irration when when i fully straiten the leg. Is this irratation just my knee joints getting used to the exercise?

thanks for the help


Don't know what to tell you about the knees. Hack squats are pretty much a quads exercise and I could see them aggravating your knees.

As far as "catching" the bar on your booty, try to extend your hips as you lift, "popping" the hips clear of the bar.


ok thx for the reply conorh, i'm not really sure wat u mean by extend the hips, is it a bit like wat i described? pushing the hips forward which cause your knees to go way over your toes?


Yeah, kinda. Are you setting up with your feet too close to the bar? Step forward a little so you're toes knees are a touch behind your toes when you start and see if that helps.


put some weights behind your heels so your heel is about an inch of the floor and explode up


thx for the advice but when i tried that i kept losing ym balance and falling backwards :(, will gettin use to that just come wit gettin use to the technique?

Oztrav: thx for the tip, but i work out in the garage and dont really have many spare weights :(, i'll try find something else and tell ya how i go

thx againe for the help guys