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Barbell Hack Squats


I was just wondering if someone could tell me, or point me in the right direction to a link on how to barbell hack squat. I have never attempted this squat and have no idea how it is done. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I think this will help.


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I've been doing these in CT's "Pillars of Strength" program. I'm doing them right off the floor. I was wondering if everyone else lowers the weight all the way to the ground on every rep, or if they stop at a certain point. Reason I ask is that my arms are extremely short compared to the rest of my body and I get a ton of scraping on the backs of my legs when trying to go all the way to the ground


Not to sound too smart-assed, but wear sweats to barbell hack squat. I know what you mean about the scraping; I have the same problem. I go all the way to the floor and reset for each rep. Get the most bang for your buck with a full ROM. Great exercise variant for quad workout.


Thanks coach, This explains the movement well. Now it is time to put it to work. Thanks


Another good squat variation to hit the quads that doesnt require much learning or scraping is
-shoulder width stance with 25lb plates under your heels. simple and kinda fun.


I had a guy ask what kind of deadlifts I was doing at the gym on Saturday, I said "hack squats" and he wanted to argue because the hack squat machine was "over there" I didn't bother arguing, I had weights to lift


i like to do hacks as a speed/strength move where you shrug and go up onto your toes. first time my bud saw it he was like " what the f are you doing ? " and i said something like " lay off man i'm doing frickn billy jeans ". cause when you go up on your toes it kinda looks like the move michael jackson does in the billy jean video -especially if you're narrow stance w/ toes in a bit and make a face when you're up there. from then on we've called them 'billy jeans'. anyway see how long you can stall the shrug up there on you're toes. it's fun and people look at you like "what the f ??? ". f as in freak that is.


Coach Davies --

Always a pleasure to see you chime in.


LOL, that's very funny. You should also make those EEE HEEE HEEE! yelps that Michael does and really creep everyone out.