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Barbell Hack Squats

I have a question about proper form, but couldn’t really find much of an answer. When I do the lift the bar is in contact with my calves and then hams for most of the lift, is this ok? I searched and read a couple of posts that said this is normal, but couldn’t really find a definant answer. I just started doing this lift so i put a 10 lb plate under the weights to make for a slighty smaller ROM i will take it out as soon as I get used to this lift. Does anyone know how this lift corresponds to their 1RM back squat?

Coach Davies wrote an article about different types of squats (Issue 182). This might answer some of your questions.

That is the article that I learned the Hack squat from, but since there was only one picture it didnt help me with form that much. I looked over at exrx.net, but the video was pretty small and blurry. I think I will just continue with them the way I am doing and practice form for a little while till I get the hang of it.

Relationship to 1RM Squat will defer significantly depending on what style a person Squats. However in answer to your question contact with your hams/calves is natural.

Let me know if I can help.

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Coach Davies

Check out Chad Waterbury’s Big Boy Basics article. There are a couple of pictures that might help you. I think you are right in that the bar should slide up the leg in contact with calves and hams.