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Barbell Hack Squats for Short People with Big Asses

I have big hams and a big ass for a short lifter. I also have arms like a T-rex. The end of my hands come down about 3-4 inches pass my ass. Anytime I try barbell hacks the bar just rams into my hams and ass and it’s a no go.

Anyone else have this problem?

Yeah I find hack squats difficult too. I prefer full squats and front squats.

i throw them into the mix every once in awhile. here’s how i set them up.

i elevate the bar becuase my arms are too short and my ass is too big to set up from the floor.

Holy shit aha
Yea man hack squats are good, but you should be doing full squats… Like dmunro, i also throw in some front squats from time to time just to switch it up.

Now if a given exercise, for example barbell hack squats, work well for a given person then the last thing I’d do is disparage the exercise for that person. That would be stupid.

But speaking in general, when a once-common exercise slowly fades away over the decades and by now is done by rather few, even more rarely among those succeeding at high levels, and where those who do do the exercise generally do so because of having read about it (and not in an article about what top lifters are doing, but in an article that’s reaching for unusual things), generally there is a reason for the exercise fading away. I.e., it just is not needed.

In the case of barbell hack squats not working well for you, I just wouldn’t worry about it.

I can really hammer my quads with barbell hacks, but I ripped out my right shoulder doing them like a year and a half ago and it’s still recovering. Careless mistake on my part. Trap bar squat type things have taken their place.

i think that they are good if you have the right body for it. a lot of times though they will kill the traps and grip before the legs