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Barbell Goodmornings


i have been having trouble doing barbell goodmornings. i dont overload the bar, i only use weight i can handle comfortably while trying to get better form. my problem is the bar rolls up my neck when i bend over. is that something part of that lift, or am i using terrible form. is their anything i can do to fix that? any advise would be helpful


Carry the bar lower, as in a powerlifting squat. Then grip the shit out of it.


I second that. Just like when you're squatting, pull the bar down and into your back as hard as you can. This should take care of it.



luckily my gym has a cambered bar. the bar can rotate a bit on your back.

i have a hard time doing good mornings with a straight bar when i get heavy. but i havent tried to pull down really hard yet.


had same issue, i had to put the bar low, wide my grip on it and pull it into my back to get it to stop rolling, haven't had a problem since.


if the bar noves, that means your losing your arch. keep your upper back tight, and throw your head back into the bar..


That's funny, I go down further with a high bar position than low-bar on GMs.


I'm starting to find good mornings the best assistance exercise for the lowerbody powerlifts!

Get the bar deep, i never had a problem with it personally.


I am really finding concentric only good mornings with specialty bars have more of a carryover to my total. I dont even remember the last time I did a regular, barbell good morning.


that and bar is too highâ?¦keep working the movement and it will fix itself eventually.


Think of bending the bar. Really grip it tight.


I sometimes have that problem when i bend forward versus pushing my hips back and keeping the bar a little closer to my center of gravity.



I think people would be surprised how much more weight they could use on a good morning (and how much more effective it can be) if they tried using a SSB bar or even a cambered bar for good mornings as opposed to a straight bar.