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Barbell Farmers Walks?


I've tried these in the past but are tricky, any way to make these more easier? And do you guys find dumbbell press helps your standing overhead press?


Barbells revolve and farmers walk do not, they are also much longer than typical farmers walk implements which can make them tough to balance. My recommendation would be to use dumbbells or just pick up a pair of farmers handles (can get them for around $100).

When you say dumbbell press do you mean seated DB press or standing DB pressing? And are you talking about using leg drive with the dumbbell or performing a 'strict press'?


What do you mean by easier?

I do farmer's walks with olympic dumbells, and have had two main problems with that.

  1. The plates are close to the center of the dumbell. Problem there is, if you're using a decent size weight plate, there isn't much room for your legs to move around in between the plates. I bought a couple of 2 or 3 inch peices of PVC pipe to act as spacers and move the weight plates farther out on the bar, which actually makes problem 2 worse (for me).

  2. the bracket/collar holding the weight on the bar doesn't grip well. For my bars, this is because there's no grooves cut in them so the collar doesn't get much grip, loosens up and can eventually slide off. Solution? Still lookig for one. I need a better clamping device.


i figured it out guys, thanx for the replies.... I use a standard 45lb bar and i found out how to make it "easier" i grip the bar in the middle and twist my hands around it to stabalize better, and about the DB press sorry dont worry about that haha for me i was basically looking @ my press from a "biomechanics standpoint" meaning I was looking @ where I and most people get stuck on Standing overhead press (with Barbell,Shakes :slightly_smiling: )and that point is right where the shoulders "turn off" and the triceps start to kick in.... what I did was add Seated DB OHP to my routine to strengthen both shoulders equally (even though im ambidextrous... it still helped!!) and what i did to help with that sticking point was add in close grip benching and Floorpress, those really helped....


just make some out of nuts, all thread and black pipe i made mine for 40 bucks


stengthening ur lower back will help ur over head press


Standing OH pressing, seated Z presses, incline, floor pressing and heavy tricep extensions help my press.


Have you had any issues with going heavy on the Z press? I've heard going really heavy can put strain on your back.


i too have done z presses in the past, work really good, i do a rep with 80-85% of my 1 RM and set it back down on the pins wait 5-10 seconds and do another rep, go up to 5 reps 4 sets... then do weighted pullups warming up with 60lbs


oh and i take two normal barbells n just load em up n take a walk with em, i place my hands slightly forward to counteract the movement


Very nice.


first of use farmerwalk handles if you can. I am not sure what you mean when you say its tricky if you are using dumbells of course its tricky. I personally do not think dumbells have a huge carry over to a bb overhead press.