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Barbell & DB Routine for Mass


what is a good routine with only barbells and dumbbells for hypertrophy ?
i also cant do bench press because i dont have a bench.



Look under training archives...

Your welcome.


is that the thing that has all the things like how to build 50 pounds of muscle in 12 months etc.


Look up bodybuilding.com and why dont you join hte gym?


Exercises invloving barbells

and exercises involving DBs


dont have any money to join a gym lol

Sunday - Hammer Curls - Sets 3
Alternating Bicep Curls - Sets 3
Single Arm Dumbbell Extensions - Sets 3

Tuesday - Squats - Sets 6
Single Arm Dumbbell Extensions - Sets 3
Deadlift - Sets 6

Thursday - Hammer Curls - Sets 3
Barbell Curls - Sets 3
Military Press - Sets 3
Deadlift - Sets 4

do you think this is a good routine
4 reps each exercise ?


Throw in squats and olympic exercises you dont always need a squat rack to squat and you need more compund exercises in your workout also you should be doin 3/4 sets and about 10reps or higher each set with 1minute rest inbetween those sets.


Yes. But often your only limited to things you have at home. Do you really think you have enough weights do deadlift 4 times? I work at a gym if you go in and ask if you can try out their gym to see if you like it or not, often times they will let you. You need to really adapt your training around your equipment to make it work for you.

What are you goals?


Oh yeh something I missed out when your lifting go slow so you feel the contraction better and make sure your thinking about the muscle your training this apperantly recruits more muscle fibres and motor units and EAT! fuck loads.


You got money for the internet, unless you're posting at a library or work perhaps.


i have enough weight to do 1 rep for deadlift lol my friend gave me loads of weights the other week.
i do do squats ?

my goals are to get heavier and get bigger.


I didnt see any squats in your routine

follow the 5x5 program its good for strength and size




im only 15 lol so i aint got money.




get home schooled lol




lol tell me more what i can do to improve my routine.


All I have to say is that your 15 years old and you have A LOT of years ahead of you of training and reading. Heck I started at 15 learning and training. Luckily our high school had some of the best physical educational teachers around that were specifically for PE and were not math teachers "thinking" they knew about fitness.

All I can say it look into a 4 day split. Here is a popular one

Day1: Chest & Triceps
Day2: Legs, Calves & Core
Day3: off
Day4: Back, Biceps & Core
Day5: Shoulders & Forearms

Look up exercises for each body part that YOU"LL be able to do at your house.


start it?