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Barbell Curl Question

i never wondered this till now but do you fully lock your elbows after the release? or do you keep your arms slightly bent

ive always locked my elbows but if its harmful ill change it

is it in the squat rack? yes?

Then your curling wrong.

I’ve always taken the bar as far in as possible, and then stretched out my elbows as far as possible for a full ROM. Most people will recommend a full ROM and doing the entire exercise.

half the exercise half the results, etc etc.

I don’t really pay attention.

Well, I used to do ALOT of chinups and pullups, but never did I lock my elbows. It end up that what ROM your body doesnt use it looses. Seriously.
I found interest in olympic weightlifting, and found I could not lock my elbows at the top of a jerk, simply because I had not worked in that range of a curl!
Ends up the only thing I had to do was work sets of preacher curls ONLY using the lock and unlock position ROM, to reverse the adverse effects of chinning badly.

Moral of the story is this: either do the lock and unlock position in seperate sets (most likely that part is less strong than the other ROM of curl, and you dont want to hold back the intensity of the rest of the ROM)
Or you can just lock your arms when you curl and do cheat curls like arnie!

Any other ideas? I got none. Just work the right ROM!

i have a better idea, do dumbbell curls instead


There’s no wrong way to do a curl.

[quote]LiamBrady wrote:

There’s no wrong way to do a curl.


Yes there is:

I rofled at the fishtank one palm face