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Barbell Complex. What Do You Guys Think?


Bent Over Rows x 10
Hang Cleans x 10
Front Squats x 10
Alternating Split Jerks x 10 (5 each side)
Back Squats x 10
Good Mornings x 10

5 rounds with 1 minute of rest in between.

Did this today with 110lbs. Felt DEAD afterward x___x

Doing this 3 times a week with 1 day of rest in between for 4 weeks.

Will increase by 5lbs total when it starts to feel too easy.


Maybe it's just me, but I don't really see the point of good mornings in an event where you're going for maximum cardiovascular fatigue. I mean the weight isn't high, but I just can't see getting too much of an advantage from them, especially compared to the light risk of injury.

Which is not to say that the complex doesn't sound difficult.


Eh, they feel hard as hell after doing all that other stuff, and I use to wrestle so I can appreciate the lower back specific endurance.


looks golden...but i think i'd prefer to do romanian deadlift in place of good mornings. I know they're similar hip dominant motions, but just a preference. I know there's an issue of the bar placement considering you have back squats right before them, so I'd put them right in the beginning before rows.

i'd consider doing 3 different complexes per week, and repeating them the next week...something like
Monday: barbell complex above
Wednesday: dumbbell complex
Friday: bodyweight complex


check out www.istvanjavorek.com

he is the original complex guy.

split jerks make it hard
nice work.

I like this one I do it allot

4 x 8 or 10

BO row
Hang Clean
Front SQ
OH press
reverse lunge L
reverse lunge R
jjump squat

or I do something like this with heavier load

8 rounds x 3-4

jump shrug
power clean

BO row
jump shrug
power snatch


dont forget clean and press!!

bent over row
front squats
romanian deadlift
clean and jerk (GREAT)

good combo


Cosgrove Complex FTW! I only do 70lbs, and it kicks my ass.


For 5 minutes with 1 barbell:
5 deadlift
5 power clean
5 push press
5 front squat
30 sec rest

This is a good one. Reps can be anywhere from 5-8.


I did that exact complex with that exact weight on Sunday and it fucked me up. Also left me with some almost unbearable DOMS in my hamstrings.

I'd recommend.


I alternate between the CC and Bloody Barbell. They both leave me drenched w/sweat and I'm only using 50-55lbs