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Barbell Bench Comp at Vancouver Men's Show


BLM BARBELL BENCH COMP @ The Vancouver Men's Show

Saturday June.16 at 3:00 pm

3 Weight Divisions
Lightweight - <180lbs
Middleweight - 180-220lbs
Heavyweight - 220+

Each competitor will be given 3 attempts at weights of their choosing, the top weight that you complete successfully will be the one counted.

-no equipment allowed (except a belt and/or wrist wraps)
-touch and go bench (no bouncing or heaving, must be completely locked out)

There will also be a 135 and 225 for reps contest with a leaderboard that anyone can come try their hand at.

I will be available at the booth to give bench press technique/form lessons as well as suggestions how to improve individuals bench press.

Prizes will include supplements as well as cash prizes (to be announced)

Entry Fee is $20, which will go completely into the competitor prize pot. The more entries the bigger the pot.

Email me at blmbarbell@hotmail.com with your name and weight class or for more info
Hope to see you all there!


I would LOVE to do this (went to highschool in Vancouver)! unfortunately theres no way I’ll be making it out. Sounds like a blast, make sure to post the results.