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Barbell-Based Hypertrophy Program


OK, so heres some background info, i've been doing a linear 5x5 for the last year or so and have stagnated in most lifts so i think its time to change things up a bit, aiming primarily at hypertrophy (maybe a bit more focused towards chest as its most lagging).

I'd like to train more than 3 times a week, as iv got my own power rack its not hard to find the time.

What i have available: Olympic barbell + 240kg of weight, Pullup bar, Dip bars, flat/incline bench, dipping belt.

Like i said i've been doing 5x5 for a while so id like to mix up the rep ranges a bit more to give my body a bit of a change.

Rough idea of my workout

Day 1-
Squats 3x10
Flat bench 4x8
Weighted pullups 4x8
Dips 3x10
Curls 3x10

Day 2-
Incline bench 4x8
Deadlifts 4x8
Weighted chins 4x8
Close grip bench 4x8
Hanging leg raises 3x12

Day 3-
Squats 4x8
Military presses 3x8
Rows 3x8
Pullovers 3x10
Weighted situps 4x10

Day 4- Rest

SO what do you guys think? Complete crap or.........?




add reps for the squat (12+)


That's a very comprehensive piece of advice the OP was obviously looking for...


Anyone else???


What you listed probably would work, as it is a change of pace.


You could go higher frequency, ie (upper/lower) x 4-5 days per week and do 3-4x5 or stick with just 3x week and do something like 6-8x5.

Basically change the volume and frequency and keep the intensity around 5 reps.


What you could do is split it up more if you are looking to lift more than 3 times a week. You could do an upper/lower split (4 days a week) with one day being lifts in the 3-6 rep range and the other being lifts in the 8-12 rep range. All of the exercises you have are good, just organize them differently.


i was wondering when another 5x5 thread was going to come up, cause like 3 hours went by before one did and i got worried.


Have you looked at WEndler's 5/3/1?
I am considering it myself at the moment. Some guys on here are having awesome results.


Thing is with upper/lower splits i tend to run out of leg exercises, all i have is a barbell so im limited

U got a link?


Just google it to get the basics. Here is a pretty good write-up:

But seriously do a search in the strength section or some of the logs (Alpha's is a good one) - like I said, boys are pushing big weights and having great gains.

The e-book is sold over on Elite FTS.


Would i be better off adding a rest day in between days 1 and 2?


You overlap everything like a motherfucker.

Do you use weights or is this like a bodyweight routine?


Yeah i train primarily with a barbell


Would this be a better way to organise things?

Day 1
Squats 4x8
Bench 4x8
Weighted Pullups 4x8
Pullovers 3x10
Close grip Bench 3x10

Day 2

Day 3
Military Press 4x8
Deadlifts 5x5
Rows 4x8
Curls 3x10
Weighted Situps 4x10

Day 4

Day 5
Squats 3x10 (light)
Incline Bench 4x8
Dips 4x8
Chins 3x10
Hanging leg raises 3x12


Yes, your shoulders just thanked you.

But I still wonder if you put any weight on the bar at all.

I don't really like TBT, I was forced to do it during tax season. Maybe it was the long work hours, but I burnt out trying to squat and/or dead 3 times every 7 days.

I've made much better progress with a push/pull/legs type deal, and doing one or the other big dawg lift every 5 days or so...

But dude, I'm no expert, and not really all that large yet so... Take it for what it's worth.


Yeah to be honest id rather do a push pull split but due to only having a barbell to train with it leaves me with only a small selection of lower body exercises.


For quads: back squat, front squat, close-stance lunges, sissy squats (the "old school" version), step-up, bulgarian squat;

For hamstring: deadlift, romanian DL, straight leg DL, natural Glute-Hams Raises, long-stance lunges, good morning, DB/KB swings (if you can afford to buy one adjustable DB...);

I'd say that a barbell allows you to do enough exercises to grow a good pair of wheels!


Thanks for the input, im going to try some of this stuff out

EDIT: I've looked up some splits and put together a rough idea of a program

Monday - Delts, Triceps
Military Press 4x8
Seated Behind the kneck press 4x8
Rear Delt Row 3x10
Close Grip Bench 3x10
Skull Crushers 3x10

Tuesday - Back
Deadlifts 5x5
Barbell Row 4x8
Wide pullups/close pullups/wide chins/close chins - as many as possible with 10 seconds rest between each, done twice in total (pullups are a weakness for me).
Weighted Situps 3x10

Wednesday - REST

Thursday - Legs, forearms
Backsquats 4x8
Bulgarian Squats 3x10
Stiff leg DL 3x10
Natural glute ham raises 3x10
Wrist Curls 3x10
Revers wrist curls 3x10

Friday - Chest, Biceps
Bench press 4x8
Incline Bench 4x8
Dips 4x8
Barbell Curls 3x10
Reverse curls 3x10

Saturday - REST

Sunday - REST


I got some nice gains out of this workout, it’s a real good option to do @ home. Thanks