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Barbell Advice


My school weight room is pretty unreliable, its open some days and its closed when the teachers are lazy. So I'm thinking of keeping an olympic bar + weights at home so when I miss a school workout the least I can do is some deadlifts, floor presses, and bent rows.

I found a deal at http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/?goto=viewprod&id_prod=556, but I've been browsing these forums and everyone else seems to be getting 300 lbs sets for around $100, not $250 like treadmillfactory is offering. Anyone know where I could find a better deal in the GTA? I currently live in Brampton.

Thanks in advance.


Wait, the short for your area is GTA? That's badass.


Are there craigslist listings for your area? That is usually your best bet.


Nothing on craigslist so far. Everyone seems to be selling crappy bench sets with the standard bars, no olympic weight sets at all. Do you guys think that $250 is a reasonable price for an olympic weight set and I should just buy this, or should I wait for a better deal.

I really can't decide since I have no experience in the equipment market.


That is more than I would be willing to pay, but then again I am cheap. If you have enough money to pay $250 w/o breaking the bank, then go ahead. Who knows when an Olympic in decent condition will be available in your area - tomorrow, next week, next month? Do you have a Wal-Mart in your area. I am quite sure they sell Gold's Gym brand equipment - not great, but not completely crap either.


Try Continental Fitness. They supplied the Raptors with some training equipment. With weights/bars (as with most stuff) you get what you pay for. Check the diameter of the bar with calipers. I've seen bars as big as 33mm. Ask if it has bearing, brass bushings or nylon bushings. We paid about $700 for an Ivanko bar with SS bearings.



Kinda overkill for a high school kid looking to set up a little something to train at home, no?

Lifter, I'm used to seeing 300-pound Olympic sets for $150, but I've heard that the price of steel went up recently (or some such nonsense). So I wouldn't say $250 is absurd. It's still under $1/pound, which is okay.

I'd try to go halves with a buddy who's into lifting, so you could train together. That would probably be the best bet.


I got a 300 lbs. olympic barbell set from Academy last December for $109. Today the same exact set from the same exact store is $189. Everything has gone up.