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Barbarian Brothers: No Over Training


"There is no such thing as over training, just under nutrition and under sleeping"

I love this statement from the Barbarian Brothers and to a large extent agree with it despite the fact that they were clearly crazy. It should be the standard response to each "Am I over training" thread.


Crazy or not they put up some crazy weight...

Both are defiantly..



I disagree, some people make better gains NOT going excessive volume or 'over training'


WHo are the barbarian brothers, if i may ask?

(nice OHP btw)


Mike Christian knocked one of the brothers out when he called Mike a (N-word). The brothers were trying to get Mike to get real angry so he would slap them across the face prior to their set of bench presses. It backfired. They had a rep for slapping each other across the face for psyching up.




there is a lot of that "think" going around... But that is a debate for anther thread...


Who mentioned excessive volume? Can you clarify what it is exactly do you disagree with about the original post?


To add my little grain of salt as I attempt to introduce my view of the world in the cyberspace yet again :

Well there is velocity training, and there is well the I rip my muscles training, kinda strange custom...

When you actually break your muscle to gain volume you are indeed stocking up on solid, "health giving" mytochondria spelling but you are also creating huge amounts of scar tissue. So you become like... a big scar who is probably more solid than most people... and what do we like to be solid for, well thats obvious.

Now even in the brute force test of an ultimate championship, if a big scarred guy faces a velocity trained lets say... a shaolin monk who btw only eat rice and veggies and don't look like he can pack a punch at all and probably has seminal stones blocking his, eww, why did you get me to think about this.

The monk would definately have more vital energy and mastery and win.

So I think the powerball way of training is much more superior to lifting muscle tearing weights, and I am a big proponent (is that sayable?) of flexibility training... as in if your belly is too 6-packed, you can't do abdominal breathing in your hips, and well thats kinda sad you didn't understand that belly muscles do not only pull inwards, but can also be trained outwards.

I know I'm freskish...

Namase !


Are you Chang Lee's friend?


He would probably be too pissed at me for trying to get the kids on creatine and about a hundred other things !

Of course noone pays whatever to me usually... even attention !

Namase !


Bodybuilding forum, people are trying to get as big as possible, the only functional activity bodybuilders need to worry about is how to functionally add muscle.

Just saying.


Out of curiosity I looked up powerball training and if thi is what you mean I think you just opened up a can of worms.


Of course there is such a thing as overtraining. Ask anyone to squat to the max every day. No amount of food will heal you. There's always a point where an activity can exceed one's ability to recover, let alone supercompensate, for it.

Just as we laugh when the 150 lb "expert" spouts off what's best to build muscle, so should we laugh when the biggest ego does the same.


It's hard to overtrain on steroids.


Overtraining is a relative term and I think that it is retarded that people try to apply a single definition of it to fit everyone. Everyone will have different work capacities based on their lifestyles, personalities, diets, etc.

Those guys trained with x number of sets, then thats cool if it worked for them. Those guys are not me. This is what works for me given the other 23 hours of the day that I am not in the gym. People seem to forget that you spend more time out of the gym than in it and that those 23 hours have an enormous impact on how you react to various types of training.


Winning words there!

Their point was to train harder and eat more. People who fail look for excuses. People who want to succeed will just try harder.


over training is very relative, but i think most people having trouble gaining are UNDER TRAINING, you have to put in some real work to over train. i can, and do see a lot of people over training certain muscles or using an exercise too often.. but most gym goers, and a lot of T-men have no idea what over training really feels like, save for doing arms 3-4 times a week to impress the high school girls at the beach...


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