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Barao Out of Champion9, Cejudo Out of Debut


Because of extreme weight cutting.
Even the elites have trouble with it.
Is it time for the premiere MMA org's to put a limit to how much weight a fighter can actually drop for a contest?

It may slowly dissipate illegal substances (that cut weight at least)...
Fighters will have more energy, thus better fights...
Send a better message to aspiring fighters and youth...



I dont know really.

Inevitably I feel like trying to enforce most of these changes is pointless. Professional athletes are always going to try to get an edge anyway they can.

How would it be enforced? How do we know athletes wouldnt just cut for a mandatory "pre-weight" thereby disguising how much they actually weigh fully hydrated? What if this leads to fighters constantly dehydrating themselves just to be safe?


I don't think anything will prevent competitors from seeking every perceived advantage.

If the goal is to minimize weight cutting that is easy. It just won't help fighter safety at all.

Move the weigh-ins closer to fight time. Cutting to a 24 hour before weigh in allows a lot more room than day of. If the weigh in's are only 6 hours before fight time than there will be a penalty for folks who had anything approaching a "tough" cut. Move them to "ringside" and any kind of water cutting creates a problem.

I say this will not increase safety though, because getting dryer, more dehydrated fighters in the ring should up the rate of injury and concussion. This would play hell with the weight classes.


Robert A


Agreed Robert, not to mention that it may lead to a higher occurrence of fighters missing weight, which could lead to a higher rate of would be title or significant fights not actually happening (or at least counting). Moving the weigh ins closer to fight time may though, as you say, simply force a bunch of fighters to fight closer to their actual walking/fighting weight, which would in the end actually cause an increase in fighter long term health and saftey, but is more likely to cause a bunch more injuries and negative health consequences as fighters are unlikely to give up trying to get an edge by cutting as much weight as possible.


Wow, almost an hour into the prelims and they've only shown one fight. I know they had a bit of bad luck with guys not making weight and therefore there is fewer fights, but this is brutal.