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Barack-Etology (NCAA Picks)


sorry can't figure out the clickable link thing. So what ya think? I can't help but think things could potentially be rigged now.


Just watched it on ESPN, and I was surprised at how much college hoops knowledge he had. Maybe he prepared for it, but it seemed like he genuinely knew what was going on. However, I don't know what he was thinking when he chose Duke over Texas!

Coming from a smaller city in Texas, my right-sided leanings made me not the biggest Obama fan. However, I'm liking the guy more and more as an individual. He sure knows how to connect with people.


He did seem to know what he was talking about for the most part, but it seemed most of his picks were based mostly on popularity instead of stats/skill. UNC? Maybe. He said they let him down last year, I predict they'll do it to him again.


I got texas over duke.


I just saw this on 1st and 10... Skip was whining (well, agreeing with Coach K) about Barack wasting his time on this when he should be worrying about the economy.

I'm wondering when/if this will get booted to PWI to get shredded by the peeps there who agree with him.


LOL I was thinkin the same thing when I saw it on sportscenter this morning.


Well, when he basically blew off the British last week because he was "tired", it raises some eyebrows that he's now doing basketball shit for ESPN and flying across the country to do Leno...

But host the Prime Minister from our staunchest ally? You know, actual legitimate Presidential duties?

Fuck that, he was "tired".


what a guy


god forbid a guy watch a game of basketball. like yeah, hes the president but george bush fucking went to his neverland ranch in texas for weeks during wars.

hes a human, not a robot he needs to relax as well. smh at peoples ignorance




Fuck, dude, he gave the man some damn DVD's. What more do you want?


Focus on the economy not fucking college basketball. Going on ESPN wtf? Get your ass in the oval office and stay in there till we recover.


he promised in an interview on the campaign trail that if he got elected he would come on ESPN and share his picks in March. Just for those of you that didn't know.