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Bar Weight?


I have been doing my incline bench presses on a cage type thing, the barbell rides down two metal poles, and you can just twist the barbell to lock it onto some hangers (total newbie language, some help on jargon would be apprciated 2nd), anyways when I do benchpress i havent been counting in weight, but I was wondering if it had any weight at all...and if so what it was...thanks.


There is no standard weight. I have seen some Smith machines (what that machine is called) with bars that weigh from 15lbs to 35lbs.


Why don't you bring a standard bathroom scale into the gym, stand on it and get your weight, then while holding the bar unrack from the pins, step on the scale, relax, and take another reading.


Yes. But ask the gym staff first; one of them might know and save you the trouble.


^Man you guys are just too funny at times. LOL.