Bar Weight and Volume

Hello Coach CT,
Just a quick question: Do you include the weight of the bar when calculating volume?
I track volume as the plate weight only, but got to thinking that “true” volume might be calculated including bar weight as Olympic bars introduce a considerable amount of weight. Maybe it doesn’t matter to the typical home gym lifter as long as it is tracked consistently over time, with or without using the weight of the bar. Seems more simple to not include bar weight so that one does not have to account for the different bar weights during setup.
I just would like to know how the professionals calculate it for themselves.
Thanks in advance!

Weight is weight regardless of its shape.

Of course, you ARE lifting the bar and its weight is NOT unconsequential. It can range from 10lbs for a small bar up to 45lbs for a regular barbell and even up to 85lbs for some speciality bar. Out of all the people who actually note the weights they are lifting I have NEVER heard of anyone NOT including the weight of the bar.

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Awesome! Thank you much!