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Bar Used in Thib Lat Pulldown Video?



Just saw your latest video regarding the Thib Lat Pulldown. I was wondering where you got that bar the guy was using to which the ab straps were attached. I’ve been able to find these online, but the smallest one is 24 inches wide, and the one in the video seems smaller. Is it, in fact, a 24" model?



I honestly don’t know. It’s the equipment from the Biotest HQ


24" is two feet. It’s MUCH less than that. I have one, as do most commercial gyms I’ve been to. Mine isn’t handy right now, but I’d estimate it’s about 6" between the handles. You could probably get one in a good sporting goods or fitness equipment store. Usually they’re called D-handle, double-D handle, Chinning Triangle or V-bar handle (although sometime V-bar is used to refer to the inverted-V-shaped bar normally used for Triceps Pressdowns)

Here is one in Canada with 6.5" width:


However it’s pretty cheap so I’m not sure if the steel is very strong.

Another one (also in Canada) but made by York:


Good luck