Bar Selection

I’ve been looking at NY Barbell, and I think I’m going to build most of my home gym from there.

They offer 1000 lb. and 1500 lb. rated barbells… Is there any particular reason I’d need to go w/ the 1500 lb.'er? I don’t foresee myself lifting that much weight anytime soon, so could the 1000 lb.'er suffice?

Have any of you guys seen a good site to buy a nice inlcline/flat/decline bench from?


I would buy a Jesup bar. Do a search on google for the jesup power bar. Give them a call. I love mine.

if your getting this bar to squat with…get the ny babrbell mega special olympic bar that is 92inches long it will really save your shoulders in the long run and is the same price…bm

Hey Goldberg,

I tried searching for that Jesup Power Bar, but only one website had a listing. When I clicked on it I guess the thread had expired… Any clues?

Also, I have an extra bar that I’m going to use just b/c I have it. I bought it at Dick’s Sporting Goods before I saw a similar deal on NYBB. They don’t really know what it’s rated for, so how should I do that? Should I DL w/ it until I start to see it bend on a MAX? Will it bend then break, or snap instantaneously (sending me to my death… j/k)?


I clicked on the first link from google and this is what I got.