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Bar Placement on Squats?


I hope somebody can clear up my confusion about where to place the bar on squats.

When I pinch my shoulder blades together and duck under the bar, a "shelf" forms on my back that the bar just seems to gravitate toward. It feels like it's on top of my blades and "behind" my traps.

Now, I recently bought the 2nd edition of Starting Strength and have been devouring it. One of the drawings in the squat chapter shows the bar riding more on the middle of the blades.

Is what I'm doing called the "hi bar" position and the SS drawing the "low bar" position? Is the SS position correct? If so, how do I find it?


High and Low are both 'correct'.

The high is the powerlifter one, the low is the olympic style one.

Not sure of the pros/cons. I use the high one myself. Same with me - that bar just likes it :slight_smile:

Look for SquatRx on youtube. That guy explained it all very well.


Not On your Neck! Sounds like you've got it right.


lol When I first started I put it on my neck and wondered why the bone was so sore. I'm glad that I have muscle on my back, otherwise I have no idea how anyone could start squatting as a skeleton.


No kidding. I don't see how people can put the bar in the low position. It seems like heavier weights would tend to slide the bar down and strain the elbows.


Squat Rx #4: Bar Positioning and Squat Depth


Wrong way round. OL is high, PL is low.


Shit! My bad. I've never been very good at paying attention in class...