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Bar Placement for Front Squats


Whenever I do front squats, I can't seem to get the bar placement right. Are you supposed to rest the bar across the front of your sholders or do you hold the bar up (with your hands).

Can anybody explain how to place the bar or post a link?



If you have some shoulder development, there's kind of a groove to set it into the will have the bar sitting across the sternum, right above your pecs, and in the shoulder groove. You definately shouldn't be holding the weight up with your hands, cause that's a really awkward position for your wrists to be in. They're more there for support and balancing.

You might try doing the cross grip, where you cross your arms while holding the bar; I've found its a lot easier on my wrists.


I raise my arms to parallel place the bar as close to my neck as possible and then cross my arms over each other and just lightly grasp the bar. If I feel my grasp getting tight its because my arms are falling below parallel and I adjust.

I've seen it done another way with the arms out to the sides but it looked harder so I haven't tried :stuck_out_tongue:


Look at the clean article from today, steps 11 and 12 arehow the bar should be racked for a front squat.


You can use either option, on the shoulders or in the hands with the arms bent back toward you, as in the rack position of a clean. The latter is called(I think) the Olympic grip. I have flexibility issues in my wrists and arms(as far as raching the intended position for the Oly grip), so I prefer the shoulder rack. The same company which makes the Manta Ray squat pad( I love those things) also makes the StingRay, for front squats. Hoping to try one of those out soon when we get one in our work gym.


The way I learned ... with Olympic style, the bar should rest against the base of your neck, almost choking you. The tips of your fingers (index and middle) should lightly touch the underside of the bar.


The clean grip will take some getting used to. Nobody gets it the first time around. Be patient, once you get the positioning dialed, they are awesome.