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Bar Muscle - Ups

This is for all of you who have mastered bar muscle-ups.

5 days ago, I managed 15 singles (not all in a row). I missed here and there but was able to get many consecutive singles.

I would start at the top and lower myself rather quickly to get the stretch/reflex action in the bottom and kip my way up.

Well today, I only managed a single; my first attempt. From that point on nothing but misses.

My question is could my nervous system still be fried from 5 days ago? I felt as if my coordination was off and that I wasn’t able to pull myself up with maximum force.

Should I train for the muscle-up from the bottom instead of lowering myself rapidly from a top starting position?

great job on the muscle ups!! did a million of these in my gymnastic days but a shoulsr injury prevents me from doing these anymore. what a great exercise…

i would post this question on crossfit.com, as i dont thing too many here do these exercises.
that sight, its a staple wod exercise…

good luck

What is a consecutive single if not two reps? :wink:
If you consistently can do good muscle ups and clean negatives, you just had a bad day.
Perhaps the training order was bad or your lats were fried from chinning too much beforehand?

FYI, I haven’t done muscle ups for a long time and just recently added them once more. Focusing on singles, like you, form is still shitty.

I’m not sure I like the idea of rebouncing to use the stretch reflex. It’s hard enough on the shoulders, so I believe it’s better to explore the negative.

I usually do usually do multiple singles since I’ll cheat if I do them in a row. You can also work on your negatives. Those helped me gain more control during the transition.

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Bar Muscle Up???

Bodyweightculture (look up on goggle) just posted a new book/dvd called EVERYTHING YOU WNATED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MUSCLE Up. It comes in a nice package, highly detailed on how to build up to one and completing them successfully. They show six different basic muscle up variations. It costs $40 right now. It’s going to go up shortly. That is my suggestion if you wish to get your questions answered, OP.

Includes a section on how to master the Iron Cross.

I can do sets of 5-6 consecutive bar muscle-ups pretty easily without training them, just weighted chins. My advice to you is this: just get stronger. When you get stronger, everything gets easier. I recommend the following schedule:
Day 1 - Weighted chins for 3-5 x 3-5 (don’t go to failure)
Day 2 - Muscle-ups
Take a day or two of rest in between and continue the rotation. The above program was designed by pullup monster John Allstadt. Doing muscle-ups every five days is not going to cut it. Pullup strength is very elusive and needs to be grooved regularly. When you can do 10 sets of 3 muscle-ups with 45 seconds of rest in between, you are in rare air.

Eventually, you should be able to do a muscle-up from the bottom. To make it easier, the movement may be initiated by rapidly arching the back prior to pulling, similar to crossfit style kipping pullups.

When you hit the wall on your heavy chin-up day, you could vary the rep schemes. Some effective rep schemes include:
5-3-2 (increase the weight on each set, with a final heavy double)
1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3 (the “Russian” ladder - 18 quality reps and minimal fatigue)
6 heavy singles (anything above six is overkill IMO)

Believe me, when your weighted pullups improve, your muscle-ups will get easier. Add some technique and you’re set! One final tip: don’t train to failure! Pullups, especially explosive variations, are a skill. Treat it as such! Keep you nervous system happy. The key is high frequency and quality reps.