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Bar Measurment


Does anyone know how much the exact distance between the floor and the bottom of the bar? (standard bar with standard plates).because i use car tyres as bumper plates and i need to find out how much of a platform i need to stand on.


If I remember correctly, Us pound plates are actually slightly lower than KG "olympic" ones.


I seem to recall a disc being 17.5" in diameter.


Standard plates (45#) puts the bottom of the bar @ at 8.5 inches.
IS this what you were looking for?


Exactly thanks :)...tnx for everyone who tried to help me


There will be some variation, even with 'standard' weights, possibly +/- 0.25inch. If you want more accuracy why not measure the weights you actually use? (disc diameter/2)-(bar diameter/2)= figure you want.


Standard Olympic plates and bars are in millimeters, so the conversion isn't precise (25.4mm to the inch). Standard oly plate is 450mm, standard bar is 28mm, but there's usually a tolerance for up to 29mm if it is being used for powerlifting or strongman.
So your bar should be 211mm or 210.5mm off the ground. It's a shitload of decimal points, but for the real world you're looking at 8.3 inches off the ground.