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Bar Is Loaded Too 700


So I have Squat 600 pounds with knee wraps on 2 different occasions now in the passed 2 months. So I am calling my self a 600 pound squatter now. So this log is going to be showing my training up to 700 pounds. I hope to do this in a years time, but if can some how pull it off before May 5th 2015 Id be ecstatic. Every one Stay tuned lots of Heavy Squats and Overloads are coming.

600 Squat on May 5th first occasion.

600 Squat second occasion.


Facebook question figured I could post here as well. SOme one may find it useful.



First Squat Day after Nats today. Shoulder is def still not quite there had a decent amount of pain trying to get into position so I got creative. I was going to use my SSB but the pressure of where it sit on top of my AC joint was even worse. So, I used straps to allow me to hold it and still kind of mimic a Low Bar. How ever was extremely challenging to stay upright even more so than when I use a SSB. But none the less.

Back Squat with Strap Grip: Belt and Sleeves only
145 for 2x8
235 for 2x5
325 for 1x5
415 for 1x3
465 for 2 sets of 4
-add light reverse band-
505 for easy 3

Band Leg Pull aparts:

Reverse Hypers:

3xmax time


The prospect of this goal is remarkable. You're part of the reason why I am organizing my training under a strongman cube method variant and why I will be training the back squat. I will be rooting for you all the way home buddy.


Thanks Vinny means aton and same to you looking like your gonna give Nats a pretty good run at 231 this year.

Can I ask why I am the reason your setting it up like a cube method? I don't follow the cube per say has some resemblance but not much I wouldn't think how ever I,have not read the official program.


I was not even going to post this because I had such a terrible showing today. What ever I did to my shoulder has forced me to move my grip in extremely barely a full thumb length from the smooth center of my bar. This is how ever the first time in almost a year I have been able to do full range Close Grip Bench Press. So Ill take that atleast. But was just not a good showing at all but hopefully Ill atleast have some arms when this is all over.


Went into the garage today and skipped front squats and went straight into pulls. I was on a mission and pissed off. I warmed up with the lowest volume I ever had to stay as fresh as possible and loaded the bar to 600. I strapped and pulled it for a double. First rep looked fast as hell like it didn't even phase me was as easy as the 575 I did at Nats then the second rep I about lost grip even with straps and my left leg htched kinda sorta.

I have got to work on my grip and lockout power. I have found my problem is not actually lockout though. It is grip. When I feel my hand start to open I put everything I have into keeping it closed and I forget to continue to pull which is why I stall. The first rep with the straps locked in hard I was fast the second one you can see me struggle until the wrap catches and then BAM I lock it out.

Finished with some GHR and Leg Pull Aparts.


Such a fucking savage on those deads. I'm doing my best to get to 600 for a single as soon as I can but it's been hard. Dealing with a chronic ailment and I don't know if I can get much better at deads because of it and that does not sit well with me, but I will fight for every god damn pound I can get.

Also, you probably have some of the most brutal lockouts ever. It does look like you've got 650 in the foreseeable future with just some attention to your top portion of the lift.


Back Squat- Belt and Sleeves
135 for 3 sets of 8
225 for 2 sets of 5
315 for 1 set of 3
405 for 2 sets of 3
- Add Light Reverse Band -
455 for 3
500 for 2
565 for 1
605 for miss- Missed due to not being able to get my upper back tight shoulder is still not feeling right.
- add light wrap -
605 for 1 easy

SSB 5 Count Pause Squats ( Duffin Hell Squats )
65 for 5
155 for 5
245 for 2 sets of 5
265 for 1 sets of the most miserable 6 ever.

Strict GHR:
3 sets of 20


Hahaha thanks man. I probably wont pull to much it drained me for this weeks Squat session which I am just not ok with lol. But thank you. Still never answered why your reorganizing your training a bit due to me.


Part of me wishes to pursue powerlifting because it gets hard to sustain strongman training while I'm still staggering with some weaknesses (really only my pull), but I guess because you have made the drastic change from strongman to PL, you've kind of paved the way for me to see a successful transition. So doing strongman cube, with it's utilization of the back squat and powerlifting origin just sort of reminded me of how things can be successful when you learn to focus on the simplicity of lifting. Just going back to basics like learning to back squat again which I have no done in literally YEARS. I seem to connect with your training style and attitude aside anyway. Maybe it's that, not sure.

Anywho, I guess that's my answer!


Makes sense man I was just curious and I understand about the switching over slowly but it can be done. One thing I hope you do that I didn't do is take care of rotator cuff's better than I have. I never had a problem when I was doing strongman but once I started flat benching with any kind of frequency and intensity I started running into problems (mind you I had them from previous injuries unrelated to PLing) but they really started to show their faces. Alot of people including me who switch over from SM to PL due so because they think oh this has to be easier on the body than SM and I promise you it is not. Only thing now is my aches have just moved from one spot to another lol.

I just hope you take the time to learn proper tech and work on maintaining and improving mobility namely shoulders and hips but none the less. But to be fair there is a silver lining here. Since I have been PLing for over a year now I can go back to almost any SM move I am technically sound in and I am damn near guaranteed a PR. I have not and do not working OHP or Push Press but, you can see even after such a lay off I put a 30+ pound PR on my Axle Clean and Press. So, there is always the option to go back to SM and maybe even better for doing so.

I am glad my training style and intensity has been able to for a lack of better word motivate and or inspire you and I hope I can continue doing so. I'll help any way I can along the way and hope to see you on the platform sooner rather than later


Decent Bench Day today. Nothing Special but 315 for CG Bench is a huge PR so Ill take it.

Close Grip Bench:
Warmup then
225 for 8
275 for 5
300 for 1 pause
315 for 1 TNG
225 for 2 sets of 10 just shy of lockout

Barbell Row Deadlifts ( Curts Words):
warm up
225 for 12
275 for 10
315 for 12
315 for 10
335 for 10
335 for 10

Lat Pulldowns:
up weight till failed at 12 reps ended at 210

DB Extensions:
30s for 8x8 with 15 seconds rest

Triceps Pressdown/Cable Hammer Curl:
90/60 for 20/12
90/70 for 20/12
90/80 for 15/10


5 minutes ago near Chattanooga, TN · Edited


Had to go high bar no way I could low bar for this amount of time Shoulder would have broke so that alone makes this a massive accomplishment for me. Video is pretty long 6 minutes with the bar on my back total. Second set is faster pace and starts 4mins.

1st set 325 for 25. I wanted to pace it and Squat for 5 mins straight or at least have bar on my back but my shoulders, arms, and hands were completely numb and I just couldn't hold the bar.

2nd set I was kinda angry I didn't make it to 5 mins even if it meant just standing there so I punished my self and went a little faster pace and hit 21 with same weight and then puked.


First time since my shoulder has given me issues that I have been able to use 100 DBs with out needing a sling shot in a very long time so this is a huge PR for me. Previous Best was 100s for 1 set of 5 Yesterday I managed 10,9,8 so pretty happy with that.

Finished up with some Barbell Rows and Ton of Triceps Volume.


1 rep more than 2 weeks ago and much easier at that. I am going to try and add 5-10 pounds per week and work up to 500 for 5 in the next month and half at a honest 220. This was a 5 rep PR by 5lbs and 5lbs less body weight.


so you're pushing thru the shoulder pain, does this mean no permanent damage? Are you planning a next meet yet?


Yeah it does not appear to be any permanent damage and is getting better every day. WHat ever happened to it has actually allowed me to do Close Grip Bench and DB Presses pain free for the first time in over a year. How ever it will not allow me to go near as wide as I could before so pros and cons there. It is getting better in the squat position as well, still not as close as I would like but it is def improving much week to week.

As for a meet most likely not going to compete for a little bit. My body needed a break from the big doses of gear and weight increase. So next few months are going to be dedicated to working my unwrapped squat, bringing up my lagging triceps, and in general trying to fix some of my nagging injuries. I will be focusing on bringing my weight and body fat back under control. Would like to be a solid 220 by November and possibly lower. Just trying to give my lower back, knees, and blood pressure a break from being to 235-242. Unfortunately my body is just not liking it to much right now. How ever if I do decide to do a meet will be Record Breakers at the earliest. But will most likely just going smooth and looking for the biggest total I possibly can before I turn 24 in may. Would Love a 660/380/640 1680 Total by then. Which I feel if I stay healthy is doable... lofty but, doable.

How about your self?


Yea dude you could use a bit of an off-season to recuperate. I'm sure it'll only help for when you start to ramp things back up again.