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Bar Inquest


Hi all...I am still researching a replacement for the honest Grow bar :frowning:

So whats your input on the following:

1)EAS Moyplex Carb Sense
2)Optimum Nutrition Complete Protien Diet
3)Keto Bar
4)Promax Lean Protein bar (think they have discontinued this one?)

Trying to keep carbs low, sugars low and I am kind of concerned with dishonest labling of zero sugar, when sugar alcohol's are like 18g. Should this effect my decision?

Anyway guys thanks again for your continued help...Life has has become so busy that the need to use bars is a must. Already carrying around a lot of shakes and only have limited time to prep food (even if i do 1 or 2 big cookings on a weekend). Thanks again




the best bar i found outside of biotest was "real protein."


Do a search on the web and find a vendor that still has some in stock. Of course that won't work forever but there is still some out there.



I've had the Promax Chocolate Chunk bars. They're ok. Nothing spectacular but I've had much worse. I haven't researched whether its nutritional info is legit or not, I just bought a box because they were on sale and they didn't have soy protein. I basically look for a bar without soy protein and without a crazy amount of carbs. Hopefully the Grow bars will come back on the market at some point.


Any way I have 3 bars a prospects so far:

Lean Body Gold (biggest concern is that it has 7g of sugar)

Triple Delicious (biggest concern is that I have never heard of them so I do not know quality rep. Its made by Strenght Systems USA)

Keto Bar (nutrition wise they seem ok, just not the best tasting)

any other suggestions? Comments on these bars?


Go with Labrada's Lean Body Bars all the way. I've used them in the past and they are probably one of the best tasting bars around. Look for the "carb-watchers" bar. Good luck.


With continued searching and comparison I have come across ISS RESEARCH PRO 42 BAR


Calories: 380
Total Fat: 8g
Total Carbohydrates: 13g
Dietary Fiber: 2g
Sugars: 2g
Protein: 44g
Protein Blend - Calcium Caseinate,
Whey Protein Concentrate,
Whey Protein Isolate,
Hydrolyzed Protein

Seems like a good option untill the GROW BAR is made again. Does anyone know know how the taste is? Is ISS Reseach an ok company?

Thanks again


I for one would like to see Biotest start making bars again. I think they (you) kind of dropped the ball on the Grow! bar. How long was the blueberry flavor 'supposed' to be out, for example (it never came out).

I realize there was probably some behind the scenes problems the public is unaware of, but still...

Biotest should reconsider their stance on bars, and do some outside-the-box thinking. Why not use nuts or a few rice krispies or tiny qunatities of things that make a bar taste good? I've seen some crirticism of Detour bars which legitimately complain about not meeting label claims, but they come off a little bit like sour-grapes. You guys got outflanked. You can outdo them though. There's no reason a protein bar has to taste like Play-Doh or have the consistency of caulking compound. Be more imaginative. Also, I think the idea of a super-low carb bar is flawed. Guys who are on super-low carbs probably do not bars anyway. When you are eating a restricted diet, you tend to prefer real food. Add a few carbs, the bars will taste better and you will appeal to a much broader market.

People are still going to eat protein bars whether Biotest makes them or not. I think the Grow bars were tasty and was sorry to see them go. But I think Biotest can do even better, and I hope they will take up the challenge.

I hope this is taken as constructive criticism and not as a slam. Biotest makes good stuff and I don't see the logic in cutting yourself off from a big segment of the market by refusing to make something that people want to buy.


Actually the super low carb people are probably the biggest bar buyers out there. Why else would so many bars have the stupid "impact" and "net" carb crap on the packages. I see empty wrappers for them all the time, most of the bars have almost as many carbs as candy bars anyway. They use maltitol so they can somehow magically subtract carbs from the fake carbs count because it effects your blood sugar a little slower than pure sugar. Big deal, they don't subtract the carbs from veggies and those impact blood sugar even slower. It's a scam. Plus maltitol gives a lot of people the shits and knocks people out of ketosis all the same.

But anyway, I'd love to see some Grow bars.


Just take a couple scoops of low carb Grow with you.

I've been toting around my shaker bottles with the stuff and it's worked great. Granted, it's not as convenient as the bars.

I did the Optimum Protien Diet bars for a while (honey nougat). My tummy like sthe LC Grow much better.


Cappx, I just checked out those Pro42Bar protein bars. I'm not sure how they've gotten away with it this long, but it appears that they have not completed an accurate carb count update on all of their flavors. If you compare one flavor of their bar that has the newer carb listing ("other carbs" as well as talk about all that net carb stuff) and a flavor that hasn't been updated and has a low level of carbs, you will see on these a comment about glycerine not being a carb. So in reality, all of their flavors most likely have at least 30g of carbs. I'm not sure how they got away with this up to this point, as I thought all companies were supposed to change this before the end of 2002. Regardless, everyone's advice here of forgetting about bars all together is the way to go. If it's strictly a portability issue and for some reason you can't bring a shaker with you, try beef jerky and raw unsalted nuts.


I've actually stopped using pre-made protein bars altogether. I've been making some at home using the recipes off bodybuilding.about.com..there's a no bake recipe I like which is protein powder, peanut butter, nonfat dry milk and that's about it.
That, and I carry a shaker bottle with GROW in a ziploc bag most places.