Bar Hang

Coach Davies -
Don’t have a bar per se. I do have a low rafter in the garage. That said:

  1. Does having you legs bent at the knee (about 30 degres back) negatively impact the spinal decompression significantly?
  2. Any big difference regarding hand/wrist development between hanging from a bar and hanging from a 2x4?

Thanks -

T.E. Young

  1. Ideally, you want to have your back as rounded as possible to stretch the spine. Bent knees don’t interfere with that per se, but make sure they aren’t pulling your back into an angle of extension (i.e. make sure your tailbone is the lowest part hanging down and keep your knees up in front of you).

  2. Any irregular shaped object will give your forearms more to chew on than a conventional bar. Try hanging from a pushdown rope or towel to fry your popeyes.

if you mean with your knee’s bent - that is fine. If you can, send me a pic just to make sure. If you can do this daily alternate your grip now and then plus from a towel. BTW since you are hanging from a rafter - just place a dowel over it.

In faith,

Coach Davies