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Bar for 700+ Rack Pulls?

Two of my friends on our unofficial college powerlifting team are pulling 700 from below the knee now and it’s getting kind of dangerous with the bars in the gym currently- anyone have any good recommendations that aren’t $400+?

You should be able to pick up a 1000-1500# test Olympic Bar for under $200. Probably closer to $150 if you look around. You could try:



They all tend to have very good pricing. If you can pick up a 1200 or 1500# bar you will be safe with that. 1000# might bend, even with only 700lbs on it, if you guys are giving it a good pull and then dropping it.

Otherwise, just keep an eye on craigslist. They will certainly have something especially with the holidays approaching.

A texas power bar is a bit pricy (about 300$) but is worth every damn penny !

I’d only use bent bars for rack work.

[quote]Dominator wrote:
I’d only use bent bars for rack work.[/quote]

I don’t think they have any bent bars yet, and they probably don’t want one.

My guess is, rather than bending a nice one they already have, they’d prefer to pick up a cheaper one and risk bending that.

How much can average commercial gym bars handle?

there are 350# 700# 1000* 1500# i sell all of those, 1500 is only like 200$. if you in east PA. let me know.

find the closest leisure fitness to you, i can get that bar to any store. the company that i work for Key2Fitness just bought leisure fintess, so i can send bars everywhere.

Deal is: the bars in the gym now are bending dangerously with 700 on them. Closer to 8 and it’s going to start getting risky. We already lost a bar last week because some dbag decided to pop the bar off his back squatting 135 like a badass and just let it land on the floor- one side was bent enough to be completely unusable.

It would be nice to have a little sense of security haha.

T-Beast - We’re at Ithaca College in NY, but we’ll be going to Scanton for a meet at the end of January.

i wouldnt use a good bar for rack pulls, no bar can take rack work all that well. ive done 700+lbs rack pulls before and i just find the cheapest bar in the gym to be honest as i dont want to wreck the good ones.

If instead of a rack you can set the bar on boxes on each side, then i would say you can use a good bar as the stress is constant with what the bar is designed for.

[quote]Frank.S wrote:
If instead of a rack you can set the bar on boxes on each side, then i would say you can use a good bar as the stress is constant with what the bar is designed for. [/quote]


I’ve made the switch to pulling off of mats and I’ve found it to be like pulling off the floor only higher. The bar will flex off separation just like a regular deadlift, and you definitely don’t get that same action when pulling in a rack.

That’s interesting, is there anyplace to get mats cheaper than say http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=114&pid=2453 ?

best place for mats is dynomats i think they are out of jersey, about 70 bucks for 24sg feet. best mats ever, perform better . com has good ones too. when you go to scranton, find nearest leisure fitness order one, tell them to contact Tommy Selecki, and when they do, tell him you talked to me about a 1500 bar by york.

Just in general, the cheapest mats that I’ve found have been horse stable mats from a local source.

true, but you want cheap but at least a little decent.

i train at a Gold’s gym that has an aerobics studio. I use aerobics mats folded up and i also use aerobic steppers for elevation. i have videos up on my youtube site under rawelite of both setups. either one works really well.

i agree that this setup is much much better than rack pulls. the movement is much more natural.