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Bar Flying Off Back During Squats


When I come up from a squat, I explosively drive the up and the bar usually comes off my traps a couple inches and lands back on my traps. I do not decelerate the force as I come near the standing position. Does anyone know this is bad?


Yup. Mean's the weight's too light!


Clip its wings.


first of all, put some real weight on, second of all, learn to keep your upper back/setup tighter, it'll shift a bit, but should def not be a couple inches


It even happens when I use near max attempts, but doesn't go as high as with lighter weights. My setup is as tight as can be already. Also, this happens only with ATG squats, with parallel squats this doesn't happen.


You're using too much quad and not enough glute. The second half of a proper squat should primarily come from pushing the hips forward towards lockout, not from straightening the legs by forcibly contracting the quadriceps.


You have a few choices before you:

Add some extra resistance that kicks in at the top so you can't pop the weights

Slow down once you get near the top.

Develop a neutronium-strength midsection and back so that it doesn't matter.

It's fun to make the plates sing though - innit?


this happens with me and i love it cuz i happen to have a good lockout i think we all do? and am real slow out of hole so i accelarate really fast even at my meet with a max attempt of 315 it flew up a few inches my friends commented on it lol


Yeah, it'll happen to some extent even with max weights if you accelerate all the way through. I'd slow down at the top if it's really hammering you. If not I wouldn't worry about it.


is this similar to how some olympic lifters pop the bar up at the top of their clean?


What is a 'proper squat'?


Yes, this is more or less what is happening to me.


Yeah, I want to know where this "don't use your quads while squatting" stuff came from.


Just use reverse bands so you can go heavier. Or normal bands.


Wide stance westsiders probably.


I squat using only my calves. No quads or hamstrings cause that's cheating.

To the OP, if the bar's coming off your back you're not pulling down on it hard enough.


In order to keep the bar tight to your back you should be pulling that bar down and pushing your elbows forward.

Going ATG gives you more momentum and that's where this 'pop' comes from. When it happens to me it's because I'm using my quads and pushing my knees back instead of pulling my hips forward. I think that is what another poster was trying to convey.

A squat should use close to equal quad/ham/hip in order to complete the movement.

If your focusing primarily on speed and explosiveness; then you'll be ok. But if your just shooting for a massive squat number, your going to hurt yourself 'poping' 400lbs on your back.

Good luck figuring that shit out man!


Also used to do this alot during warmups. Just slow down a bit- throwing the weight up like that is inviting injury!


this has happened to me while doing squat jumps before and it hurts like a bastard. i also can't imagine that this happening with near maximal weight would be a good thing for your spine.

all you really need to do is make sure your scapulae are retracted and depressed so you're actually pulling the bar into your traps through the whole range of motion. that has solved the problem for me.


Yeah, proper squatters. The ones that don't use their quads like.

I dunno why people keep making that mistake.