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Bar Fights

Hey fellas. Just got into one helluva barfight last night, and I gotta tell ya, it was the most fun I’d had in a long time. I know some of you other T-men have a few under your belt, so let’s hear 'em. RLTW


The college I went to is a HUGE rodeo school. Every fall they have their college rodeo, and schools from all over the southwest are represented.

On the Saturday night before the Sunday Short-go, The Crystal Bar is the place to be. Not so much for the drinks, but for the fight. All the cue sticks are locked up, the furniture is pushed to the walls, and what you are left with is basically an indoor battle ground. It’s a freakin free-for-all. Probably the funnest nights I’ve ever had were spent nursing a busted lip, a black eye, and laughing our asses off at how much fun we had.

Sunday the owner would hook up a fire hose outside and clean up.

But that was years ago, and I think the Crystal bar now has ferns growing in pots.

But the fights back in the day were wild.

I just know some pussy is gonna post that “fighting is bad unh’k”.

Haven’t been in a bar fight in quite awhile…on the pitch is another story…

Anyhoo, a little background…I was at a keg party that some frat was throwin in this wooded area near campus. The night’s goin alright, then these guys that were known around town for starting fights, etc. start mouthing off to me. I didn’t back down, told em to fuck off, things start getting ugly. There was like 10 or 12 of em that you could tell were together. A guy I played with happened to walk by and steps in and says they have a problem with him too. Well, while he’s talking to them, one of em comes up beside him and just crushes him on the side of the head with a bottle. Shit erupted then, I tackled the guy in front of me and started beating his face while his buddies are kicking me and shit. I came out of it relatively alright, but my boy had to go and get stitches for cuts from the bottle. We tried to track these guys down but didn’t have much luck.

Fast forward a few months. Myself and a couple of friends are at a local bar and who do we see but the three main instigators of the incident. Didn’t take long before the whole place is watching both groups to see what happens.

A couple minutes before closing, myself, my friend who had to get the stitches and another guy go outside and stand in front of the place waiting for the guys to come out. The bouncers said to just keep it in the street and they didn’t have a problem. They come out and start walking towards us saying something or other. We didn’t really say much, a couple fuck yous, etc. They get close and as one of em starts to say something, my buddy headbutts him and I hit him with a big right as he’s reeling back and then turn around to deal with the other guy. Hit him a couple times and then took it to the ground. I ended up crouched over him just punishing him with alternating rights and lefts and one of my friends keeps trying to hand me a trash can to bash him with. I didn’t even realize it at the time. One of the other guys friends had snuck off to the car at the beginning and one of my friends sees him making his way through the crowd with a tire iron in his hand, ready to hit somebody, so as he’s walking by my grabs the tire iron and punches him in the face. The guy lets loose of the tire iron and runs off like a ho-ass bitch. Everything sorta breaks up when people start hearing cops coming and we all left.

The “opponents” were quoted a few days afterwards, “Don’t fuck with the rugby team!”

Good times…Sorry for the rambling!

My lawyer has advised me not to reply to this thread.

I’ve been in a few scraps that were sort of fun, but in today’s society, I’m too guarded to let myself get into anything.

I’ve been jumped on four separate occasions by “gangs” of sorts between 90’ and 97’, and it seems that when I start swingin’, someone pulls out a knife or gun. I think they expect that they can just jump a guy and most won’t fight back, but when you start bustin’ heads, they are surprise and either back down or pull the weapon of choice.

I haven’t dished out a good ol’ country ass whoopin’ in a long time, but like I said, I try to stay clear of that stuff these days. Too many stupid people out there trying to become a man the wrong way. As a matter of fact, the last time I got jumped, I was helping this girl out of a physical situation with her boyfriend. He was slappin’ her around, so I stepped up (outside of a bar, after closing hours) and told him to try me out instead of her. Next thing I know, I see a few guys rushing me from the corner of my left eye. One tagged me pretty good (son-of-a-bitch had a running start) and knocked me down. I picked my ass off the ground and all of these lil’ bitches (including the big ass dude I stepped up to) just ran. Now, this was pre Testosterone.net days, so I was only about 170 pounds at 6’ tall.

Anyway, that is really more than I was going to share, but thinking about the old days got me a little worked up.

Funny that you started this thread though. I just said to my wife the other day (out of the blue), “I need to kick somebody’s ass.” She just shook her head. Maybe we could start a T-Club Scrap Chapter where we could square off with other T-Men with the guarantee that nobody will do some wussy crap and pull a weapon?

[quote]jackzepplin wrote:

…nobody will do some wussy crap and pull a weapon?[/quote]

Nice avatar.

I’m not the biggest guy, 5’6" 215…but people don’t usually fuck w/ me because I have a very serious look about me, or so I’m told.

Anyway, the best story I can think of is…

A few yrs back, my aunt’s ex/bf decided to rough her up a bit. She ended up locking her kids in their room and calling my father from the closet. My pops, who is straight off the boat from Sicily immediately went over to her house and beat the ever loving SHIT out of the guy before my brother or I could get there. Cops come, and arrest the ex/bf and tell my father they’ve been waiting YEARS for someone to kick the guy’s ass.

Fast forward 6 months, my brother and I are driving by my aunts apartment and we see the same ex/bf walking towards it. I jump out of the truck, right in front of him, and ask him where he thinks he’s going. He halls off and punches me in the face…and then turns sheet white when my lil, 5’10" 285 mutant of a brother jumps out of the truck. My brother hit him before I could even swing and knocked him the fuck out. We proceeded to drag him over to a nearby dumpster, throw him in, and lock it.

Over the course of the next few yrs he’s get his ass beaten by one of us and locked in some sort of trash receptacle. My family has gotten a “rep” for locking people in dumpsters after fights.

Our Rugby team on a long bus trip home pulled into a country bar on Pennsylvania. It was a biker bar.

At first it was fun, then we got really drunk. Then the dust up started. About 25 of us and 25 of them. The town did not have a police force so this when on for awhile. No weapons and both sides were drunk.

The State Police finally broke it up. Only 4 of them. Two with shotguns. The other two with nightsticks. They walked around and hit everyone on the shins till we were all laying on the ground and bitching. Even if you were standing off to the side watching you got a whack in the shin to knock you down. End of fight!!

The local gangs in my area have a Jr. Fight Club set up, I occasionally go there if I need a few extra dollars… Like then Carbolin 19 was released ;).

[quote]vermilion wrote:
jackzepplin wrote:

…nobody will do some wussy crap and pull a weapon?

Nice avatar.[/quote]

That’s hilarious! I change my avatar regularly.

I didn’t mention that after the last time I got jumped, I started keeping a 9mm in my glove compartment or under my pillow. Things got real ugly for a while, and I had some dudes after me for roughin’ up one of their “boys”. Some of these dudes were into dealing and other various things. I slept with a gun under my pillow for several months and had to pull it twice to race off some dudes. The story goes on and on, but I’ve put that shit behind me and moved to a different city.

I thank God almost daily that I’m still alive and made it through such a difficult time. Not sure how I made it, but I’m certainly not the same person.

Now, for the real kicker. Can you believe all of this boys-n-the-hood crap happened in rural Kansas?

I am SO stealing that dumpster move!

Last barfight I was ever in.
I was at one of my local watering holes drinking beer and shootin the shit with friends. Theres a guy there who was semi-regular and well known for starting fights. He starts his usual crap,shoulder bumping a few people and making snide remarks from behind his beer. We let that slide. Finaly he comes over to the group I’m in and starts picking on my buddy R. R is completely non-violent, kinda skinny, and gay. The guy starts poking him in the chest and R is about to cry. So I tell this guy that if he wants to take it outside, Lets Go. He grabs me and we start to grapple. I lock around his waist and throw him down hard.

I know the cops are going to be there quickly, and if I beat on him I am going to jail, so I let him up. We lock up and I throw him again. We do this three more times but on the third, a cop comes through the door behind him. I drop my guard and the guy gives me a shot right on the cheekbone, splitting it about a quarter inch, right in front of the cop. Three more cops come in and tackle the guy, cuff him and take him away. I got an ice pack for my boo-boo and free beer for a week. I figured with that one I had better quit while I was ahead.

[quote]apayne wrote:
I am SO stealing that dumpster move![/quote]

Yea, this was really good, and origional to boot.


My friend was working a pretty bad bar in boston and witnessed some guy get jumped by 5 gang members. To make the odds even better they had those expandable metal bats. He got his head split open(my friend said she basically stepped in his brains) and then got curbed on the sidewalk.


Keep this thread alive. This is awesome!

[quote]Vegita wrote:
apayne wrote:
I am SO stealing that dumpster move!

Yea, this was really good, and origional to boot.


not that origional, i got stuffed in a dumpster a few times.

[quote]frisbee wrote:
Vegita wrote:
apayne wrote:
I am SO stealing that dumpster move!

Yea, this was really good, and origional to boot.


not that origional, i got stuffed in a dumpster a few times.[/quote]

Maybe if you quit smackin TheSicilian’s Aunt around it wouldnt happen so much.

[quote]frisbee wrote:
Vegita wrote:
apayne wrote:
I am SO stealing that dumpster move!

Yea, this was really good, and origional to boot.


not that origional, i got stuffed in a dumpster a few times.[/quote]

LOL!!! With all the T floating around in this thread, that was f’ing hilarious. Yeah, it makes for a good place to hide when some huge 6’ 170 lb dude comes after you. Love the stories, gents.

Pretty much all of my bar fights have been with bouncers. Now before some asswipe claiming to be a third generation bouncer starts talking shit, I have no problems with bouncers… they seem to have problems with me… especially in country western bars.

I got into a pretty nasty brawl in college that resulted in my underage ass running through the woods from the cops. I started the brawl after punching a bouncer in the nose after he spotted my fake ID.

A few years later this drunk idiot grabs my girls ass when I’m busy pissing in the bathroom. Upon informing me of this I approach this individual only to find out that he’s a fucking bouncer! He says he just ‘bumped into her’ but she swore to me he grabbed a handful and “lingered” for a second until she screamed ouch. A couple peeps verified this so I had no problems giving this asshole a hard right to his left orbital socket. A stand off ensued with me, three friends and 8 maybe 9 bouncers. Please keep in mind this is in rural Oklahoma, so these bouncers aren’t exactly in shape… what-so-fucking-ever. 12 oz curls were pretty much their exercise of choice. Anywho, shit talking commences until I get sick of this one asshole spitting in my face everytime he said something to me. I went ahead and launched a big gob right in his eye and kicked him into a couple of his co-workers. So now its 4 on 8or9 and one by one these losers get laid out. I mean laid the fuck out… as in couldn’t get up. I ended up getting arrested for that one but damn was it worth it… not even a scratch. Not to mention the fact that the whole thing got thrown out and I got my bail money back.

never been in a bar fight, but i almost beat up a rottweiler the other day. damn bastard didn’t wanna jump his fence though. it was like three feet high! he coulda done it…

You guys are all tools.

I prefer being a lover to a fighter.