Bar fight

I got jumped friday night by a drunk at a bar. It turned out that the guy went to my high school and had a beef w/ me or something i dont know. But he grabbed me and almost lifted me up and threw me down. I instinctively shoved him away, threw him down and put him in a headlock. The coolest thing was was that i didn’t consciously think at all. I guess my boxing is helping my agression in a fight situation. A confidence b ooster - lumbernac

if you were calm, collected, knew what was going on, weren’t in a state of panic AND can remember every detail, you’ve got it licked - good for you!

You’re a boxer and you put the guy in a headlock? Whatever works for you. Just remember when the punches start flying go for body shots, most people have no idea how much they hurt. That and you can punch someone in the body hard as you like and not break your hands, unlike hitting someone in the head. I just hope you were in enough control to give the guy a noogie and embarrass the hell out of him in front of his friends. Good job with the win.

Same thing happened to me a year ago. I got hit from behind with a bottle. I had probably 2 beers before this, so I was sober. This dude was totally fucked up, so I threw him down the stairs. I got kicked out, but it felt good getting revenge.


you did exactly what your training had prepared for you. How is a headlock what Boxing prepared you for you may ask? Hey, professional boxers clench and wrestle (a little) in their matches…so it’s not unusual.

What many people fail to realize that a fight isn’t like a movie. It RARELY looks nice and pretty (I dare to say, even a Master may not look pretty if they have to fight…because a true master won’t fight unless they have to…) Well, that being said: Fighting is reflexes and muscle memory moreso than anything else. That’s why we train. I suspect you did exactly what you had to do at the moment it was called for. Now, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming there was minimal logical thought when this happened (by that I mean…you reacted by instinct). Stay healthy and strong. Peace.

Sorry, I’m not trying to pick on you KDF (oh, and I’ll have that PM for you tomorrow)but I just finished writing a post on another forum (trials forum) about what muscle memory is and isn’t. What you’re refering to is a motor pattern or a motor schema not muscle memory. Look it up, lots of good sports related and training related info if you look those up.


Does anyone else have memories of being in 1st and 2nd grade and being in little gangs that would fight eachother all the time, and you could really whoop eachother ass but not have to worry about getting sued or shot. That was fun.

is it possible to get jumped by 1 person?

Thanks for the info, Sturat. If I may ask, what site did you put that informational post that you referred to, on? Peace.

Yeah, there was Scotts gang and Phillips gang. Phillips gang broke up after Scott who was 175cm (5’9ish) in year 6 pile drove Phillip into the ground.